Administrative Features of Magento Enterprise – 101

Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce platform solution that offers merchants complete control and flexibility over your online store. Magento Enterprise Edition provides a faster, better…
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Admin/Config Features of Magento Enterprise

Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce platform solution that offers merchants complete control and flexibility over your online store. Magento Enterprise Edition provides a faster, better shopping experience which can drive conversion rates and sales and save costs. It helps your store grown online revenue with tools to attract more traffic and retain customers.

Using the following tools included in Magento Enterprise Edition, you can take your store to the next level!

Rewards Points

Enables merchants to implement programs that provide incentives to frequent shoppers, increasing customer loyalty. Points can be awarded based on a wide range of transactions and customers. Redemption rules can be controlled by merchants based on a variety of parameters including balances, expiration, customer history, conversion rate and more.
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Automated Email Marketing Reminder

Increase customer retention by automating email reminders to customers with abandoned shopping carts and wish lists. Email reminder campaigns are configurable and customizable for a variety of parameters including frequency, cart value, quantity and more.
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Gifting Options

Gift Options allow customers to buy digital or physical gift cards. It also provides an option for gift wrapping and gift messages. Through this feature, gift wrapping and messages can be available at checkout to increase sales and customer service. Pricing and taxes are easily configured through the backend of Magento.
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Configurable Order Tracking Widget

Customers can track the status of existing orders and returns without the need to log in to their account.

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Solr Search

Let customers search your Magento Enterprise store with the powerful search engine, Solr Search. Its advanced features include fast and relevant search results which make it easier for your customers to find the item they are looking for. Solr Search also provides attributes in search results along with improved layered navigation.
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Category View and Purchase Permissions per Customer Group

Here is where you can manage purchases in specific categories based on the customer group and location. The whole store can be configured where only that customer group can only have access to certain products.

Customer Attribute Management

Magento has many built-in customer data fields to support the order, fulfillment and customer management processes. But all businesses are different and may require additional customer fields. Magento Enterprise Edition includes the ability to create and manage custom customer attributes and custom address attributes from the Admin Panel. With the Customer/Address Attribute functionality, the store administrator can create custom attributes to be displayed in the following areas of the backend and frontend:

  • Create an Account page where a guest is registering for a customer account
  • Account Information section of the customer’s account in the frontend
  • Address Book section of the customer’s account in the frontend
  • Billing Information section of the Checkout page for the registered customer
  • Billing Information section of the Checkout page available when the guest is registering for a store
  • Account Information section in an order being created for a customer in the backend
  • Billing Address section in an order being created for a customer in the backend

Scheduled Import/Export Functionality

Import and export product catalog data either locally or from remote FTP servers. Merchants can configure for error handling, status reporting and backup.
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Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

From customer’s side, after a customer made a purchase and realized that product is not what they expected or maybe size is wrong, then the customer needs to request a return from My Account section. After Merchant review, request under administration can authorize and process it, then the customer can receive an exchanged product, store credit or get refunded.

Store Credits

Store Credit is useful in Magento because it allows customers to add funds to their account for the purchase of products. Other uses of store credit are enabling a gift card to be converted into store credit so the customer only has to enter the gift card code one time. A final use of store credit is that it can be issued for returned products.

Persistent Shopping

Persistent Shopping Cart is a Magento feature that allows a customer to log off his or her computer and log back in after some time to pick up where they left off. This feature relies on the use of Browser Cookies, so if the user is logged in on a browser not allowing cookies, this won’t work for them.

Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is a feature in Magento that allows you to add, edit and customize pages in your store. Controlled through the backend of your Magento store, you are able to add fully customizable pages to your site. Pages such as your ‘About Us’ and ‘Homepage’ were created through the content management system. Custom Static Blocks can be added and positioned to your liking throughout any CMS page.
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Administrator Permission Roles on Website and Store Levels

Administrator Permission Roles allows you to pick and choose administrative roles for your staff. This is ideal when you only need a staff member to view the Sales data in the admin for example. Admin Roles are easily made in the back end of Magento. The administrator can simply check off which data is most relevant to the user.
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Dynamic Rule Based Product Relations

One of the special features that exists with Magento Enterprise Edition, is the ability to work with rule based product relations. One example of what you can accomplish with rule based product relations is setting up certain customers with a list of related products that can be viewed on the product page. This comes in handy when you want to target certain customers for special promotions or potential upsells or cross sells.

Rules are easily configured using a condition based tool, so that store owners can manage specific product suggestions, shopping cart price rules and banners to any customer segment to encourage additional purchases.

Rich Merchandising Suite (RMS)

The Rich Merchandising Suite includes segmentation, which allows you to personalize shopping experience, personalize offers & discounts, show better related products, and restrict your catalog for flash sales & private sales. You can also create custom coupons specifically for various customer segments, products, categories, even dates & times.
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Full Page Caching

Caching improves load speed response time on your Magento Store. A cached page will be stored after one visit or pre-generated and stored. A cached page takes much less time to open in a browser. Fast load speed is crucial to your customers’ shopping experience, and customers will commonly abandon stores that are slow to load or respond.
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Gift Registry

The gift registry is an excellent feature to include in your store if your products are often given as gifts for baby showers, weddings, and other special occasions. Gift registry set up is extremely simple for both the store owner and the shopper.
Learn more about Gift Registry and how to set it up »

Multiple Wish Lists

Multiple Wishlists are a great idea for stores where products are often given as gifts, or when shoppers may want to separate their Wish Lists into multiple categories or for multiple occasions. For example, if your store offers women’s clothing year round, a shopper may want to separate their “summer vacation” wishlist from their “ski trip” wishlist. Similarly, they may want to create different “birthday” and “christmas” wishlists to share with different family members or friends when an occasion approaches.
Learn more about Multiple Wish Lists and how to set it up »

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Order by SKU

Ordering by SKU allows a customer, that owns a large business for example, to order products in bulk without having to manually find each product and add it to the cart. The customer can import a spreadsheet with the SKU and quantity for each product and it will automatically be added to the cart. If an issue arises, a message will appear for the customer to take action.

Logging of Administrator Actions

Track and review all actions taken by administrator users, with the ability to see views, edits and deletions of information. You are able to see all admin actions that have been taken – as long as you have logging enabled for them. You may also search and export the data as necessary. You are also able to filter by user, or IP address. There are a few more filter available, such as date, action Result, etc.

Order Archiving

Archiving orders in eCommerce websites is an important task for any store manager. Archiving an order allows the administrator to list, and work only with, orders that have not been completed yet. This lets the administrator perform order management operations faster and reduces the overall server load for administration routines.

Private Sales

Private Sales in Magento Enterprise has two very useful features: The first, is the ability to invite others, via “Invitations” to create an account. These can be sent out in emails and can be further configured to allow only those who receive an invitation to create an account. The second, is “Events,” which is a sales based restriction period from one date to another. For example, From July 1st to July 4th one could define an Independence Day Sale.
Learn more about Private Sales and how to set it up »

Using the above mentioned tools, Magento Enterprise Edition allows you, as the store owner, to personalize shoppers’ experiences to keep them engaged from first glance to checkout. You will be able to target customers by viewing their buying history or demographic profile and engage them with special offers, coupons and promotions to get the customers to return. Intuitive search engines help your customers quickly find products and get suggestions for similar or complementary items. Using the enterprise eCommerce platform’s options and tools will convert happy customers into loyal customers and keep them coming back. You will be able to engage customers with rewards programs, private sales and personalized shopping experiences and retain them with customer registries, gift cards and store credit. Magento Enterprise Edition is the only enterprise-class eCommerce platform the delivers innovation online shopping cart software with flexible features to fuel your success.

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