Is your Magento website hosted on AWS and you need help maintaining the hosting environment, optimizing, and meeting PCI compliance requirement? Shero can support the smooth running of your Magento platform on your existing Amazon Web Services environment or on our own AWS environment. Typically, AWS service companies focus on generic, one size fits all guidelines. Shero has extensive experience with the Magento platform and how to best utilize your AWS EC2 instances.   

Our clients can save thousands of dollars a month by transferring their external transactional mail system to the internal AWS Simple Email Service platform.   

In addition, we know what to look for when it comes to hidden inter-system charges.   An accidental slip during the configuration of your Elasticache service can end up costing thousands of dollars a year.  Media files can be moved off of dedicated services and hosted in the AWS S3 cloud.

When dealing with performance issues, there is a tendency to just keep upgrading to a faster system in the hopes that it will fix everything.  Instead, we can review your service usage and locate potential bottlenecks.  Are you using General Purpose EBS drives or IOPS?  Are your instances network optimized?

Magento AWS Server Configuration Audits:

As part of our Magento audits, we can review your utilization of AWS services to locate over or under usage, long term contract suggestions, and service locations.  Most clients can save over 10% a year in charges – on a typical busy Magento website that will be over $6000/year.

AWS Maintenance Services We offer:

  • Ongoing system usage reviews and implementation plans to maximize performance and minimize costs
  • Automation of system scaling
  • Ongoing billing reviews to ensure elimination of unused/underutilized services
  • Implementation and monitoring or performance tuning plans

If you would like to learn how we can help you manage and optimize your AWS environment and Magento website, please fill the contact us form above and we will get in touch to discuss your project’s details.

Shero Services:

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