December 2014 Newsletter: Happy Holidays from Shero!

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Warm Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday
Season and a very Happy New Year!

(from left to right)
Erin, Lee, Alyssa, Joel, Beth, Gentian, Matt, Jesse, Jill, and Caitlin

How to Use Pinterest to Increase Magento Ecommerce Sales

Your Magento store could see increased sales if you took full advantage of Pinterest. This image-sharing social media tool represents a significant opportunity to make more money. Every product on your Magento ecommerce website has at least one associated image. Imagine the possibilities if these images started to get pinned and re-pinned on Pinterest! Do this right, and sales could easily go up. What if you have no time to set up and maintain a Pinterest account for your business?…
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5 Ways to Give Your eCommerce Website a Holiday Makeover

With the holidays right around the corner, your eCommerce site might need some decorating. Every year eCommerce stores add flare to their websites for the season to show they are in the holiday spirit. This is an easy way to boost sales and receive more traffic from potential customers. Here are 5 ways to give your eCommerce site a holiday makeover. 1. The color palette This might sound obvious to some, but you’re going to have to stick with a color…
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