Fashion Show for Miles of Hope in Poughkeepsie

On Thursday October 27, 2011 I attended a Fashion Show called “Silhouette of a Women” at the Bardavon theater in Poughkeepsie. The proceeds from this…
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  • October 31, 2011 Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

On Thursday October 27, 2011 I attended a Fashion Show called “Silhouette of a Women” at the Bardavon theater in Poughkeepsie. The proceeds from this event go to Miles of Hope, a breast cancer foundation. This was a marvelous celebration, full of fun, fashion, beauty, emotion, and hope. The feeling I was left with was empowering and full of pride to be a women involved in such an event that gives back to the community for a great cause.

The fact that my sister is a Breast Cancer survivor made me relate to everyone there. I know how hard it can be for anyone that is a survivor, has lost a loved one, or is currently fighting cancer. The show had many survivors highlighting their strength and beauty while being on the walkway. It was an honor to participate and support all of the women participants.

It could not have happened without the support of the community, friends and family. Various businesses from Poughkeepsie and greater Hudson Valley contributed to the show. A few of the local contributors where: Elizabeth Boutique, Waddle n Swaddle, Quackles, New Creations, Collage Hair and Colour, Cartier’s Hair Design, Bella Luci Salon and Zimmer Brothers.

The highlight of the evening was the parade, a combination of fashion and the beauty. The fashion show had 66 models and 18 of them where breast cancer survivors. The women looked glamorous in all of the different trends for the series of scenes from different local areas like Arlington, Poughkeepsie, Shadows on the Hudson, Grandview, Walkway over the Hudson, Main Street and an Evening at the Mid-Hudson Bridge. Everyone looked like they had a ton of fun on stage.

Silhouette of a Women Fashion Show by Surprise Photography

Being a new mom I loved seeing the maternity clothing from Waddle n Swaddle. Their clothing is not only functional but comfortable and very stylish.

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The ending had an astounding effect on me, when all of the models and teams were called out to the stage. Each survivor received a pink rose and a standing ovation. This was a very emotional moment because all I could think of was how strong these women are that they have survived or are fighting breast cancer. They made me very proud to be a women and to be able to support them.

To learn more about how you can help Miles of Hope or to participate in their next event visit for more information. I will make sure to be there and make a contribution in future happenings. Make a difference today in your community by getting involved!

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