How Healthy is Your Magento Store? [Infographic]

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How Healthy is Your  Magento Store?

Monitoring Your Magento Store

Your Magento Store requires consistent and active monitoring in order to analyze it’s overall health. Magento’s powerful dashboard, paired with Google Analytics, offers a wealth of information that can be used to assess the overall effectiveness of your Magento Store. Monitoring your Key Performance Indicators will alert you to any potential weak spots, and can also illuminate your store’s greatest strengths in attracting shoppers and converting sales.

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Key Performance Indicators

  • Abandoned Cart
    Visitors who leave your store with items
    in their cart.
  • Total Visits
    Total Number of shoppers who visit your store.
  • Conversion Rate
    Percentage of visitors who complete a sale.
  • Revenue
    Total income from sales.
  • Sales
    Total number of sales completed.
  • Pay-Per-Click Costs & Conversions
    PPC visitors who buy vs the amount you
    spend to acquire them.
  • New Visitors
    Number of unique visitors.
  • Page Views
    Which pages are viewed and how often.
  • Average Order Value
    Average Cost of Individual Orders
  • Return Rate
    Number of customers who return after having
    already visited.
  • Email Open, Click, & Conversion rates
    Response and visitors from promotional emails.
  • Referral Sources
    Percent from Search, Direct, Email, Pay-per-click,
    Other.The ways visitors are getting to your store.
  • Customer Service Open Cases
    Unresolved customer complaints or issues.
  • Social Media Activity
    New Likes, follows, shares, and visits.

Analyze Your Weaknesses

  • Could a technical issue or code error be causing the problem?
  • Are you using only Google Approved “white hat” techniques for incoming traffic?
  • Are you employing any sneaky or untrustworthy methods?
  • Are there any Magento Extensions available to address the issue or improve upon your methods?
  • What specifically could be making visitors leave the pages they are exiting from?

How Mobile Performance Affects Your KPI’s

52% of traffic to eCommerce sites over Thanksgiving weekend of 2014 were from mobile devices.

68% of final sales were still taking place on PC’s*

While most sales are finalized on desktop computers, the majority of online shoppers are researching products on their mobile phones or tablets.

A bad mobile experience is detrimental to your KPI’s and to your sales.


Your Magento store requires constant monitoring as part of routine maintenance. It’s important to understand the Key Performance Indicators that best determine whether your store is living up to it’s potential. Once you know your store’s weaknesses, there are many ways to improve your store’s shopping experience to generate more sales.

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