Magento Integration With Brick and Mortar Stores

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If you are the owner of a brick-and-mortar store, a Magento eCommerce store can open up endless opportunities. If you choose to sell online, your online store and your physical store do not need to be separate entities. On the contrary, your stores should integrate seamlessly together while both serving to reinforce your brand. There are many ways to achieve this integration, and here are five great ways to start:

1. Point of Sale integration

Keeping track of sales and inventory is complicated, especially when you have sales coming in from online and in-store. The best way to manage of all of your sales is with a POS integration. Store owners will be able to integrate items, customers, orders, invoices and order tracking numbers between your POS sales and Magento eCommerce. For a list of POS integrations that we have worked with, refer to our previous post Best Magento POS (Point Of Sale) Integration Solutions

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2. Store Locator

Shoppers browsing your products might be interested in viewing products in-person as opposed to online. For this reason, you want to let shoppers know that a store is in their area if they prefer traditional shopping. There are a few different ways to present store location, depending on how many stores you have. If there is only one location, you can offer a CMS page with all of that store’s information, like it’s address & hours along with an interactive map.


Eastern Jungle Gym has a Store Locator page that features a searchable interactive map of locations. View the page here.

If you have multiple physical locations, you could allow shoppers to search by zip code for the nearest location. An interactive map can show pins over each location and visually represent the regions where shoppers could purchase or browse your items in-person.

3. Product Availability

In addition to online availability displays, you can offer your shoppers options by showing inventory at your store’s locations. By organizing inventory by color and size, you can let your online shoppers know exactly where they can purchase the products they are looking for.


Target offers the option of shopping in-store by displaying which products are available at one of their many locations

4. Store Pick-up and Return Options

Offering store pick-up is a convenient way to allow shoppers to get their products quickly and conveniently. By putting together and purchasing an order online, shoppers can be sure that when they visit your store, everything will be organized, paid for and ready to go. Store pick-up is an especially good option for products that are large and expensive to ship, or products that are time sensitive, like food or flowers.


Organic Pharmer sells fresh, organic juice and food, so customers have the option of setting up a pick-up time at their Rye, NY location.

In store returns are a great way to instill trust in your customers by making returning any item as convenient as possible. By returning a product in-store, customers will be able to get their refund as soon as possible, and may allow them to choose an alternate size or color after seeing the product in person.

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5. In-Store Photos and Information

Your company’s brand is encapsulated in your online presence as well as your store. The presence of a physical store can help instill trust in your shoppers by showing them that there are real people carefully choosing and caring for the products they purchase. Introduce your store and it’s story to your shoppers, especially if it has an interesting family history or tradition. Interior shots of your store can make the shopping experience transition easily from traditional to online.


All3sports has an entire page dedicated to the services offered on-site at their Atlanta location. The page also contains important information about hours, location, and contact info. View the page here.


As your brand grows and expands beyond your brick-and-mortar store and into a Magento eCommerce store, it’s important to create a seamless integration between in-store and online shopping experiences. There are many ways to reinforce a sense of trust in your customers by giving them every possible option for shopping at your stores.

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  • Jessica

    Hi Caitlin- I was wondering how the Magento order interface can be simplified or modified for a Sales Team to input orders. Ideally, the sales team experience would be more similar to the shopper, but right now we are set up to use the back end interface. So for our sales team to see the product image and description, they will either have to have a 2nd store tab open, or click through the product attributes – neither which is very compelling and some of the sales team may not be that eager or tech savvy to navigate through the order screen while providing customer service.
    I was wondering if there are some modules or tricks that have worked out for stores that still use sales teams?

    • Hey Jessica – that’s a great question and an interesting idea. Amasty offers an extension that expands the information displayed in the order grid, however this does not provide image thumbnails or descriptions when adding new products to the order. If you are looking for images and attributes to be available for sales reps to view, that will likely require a customization.

      – Caitlin

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