Magento Services

Complete Magento Store Creation, Strategy, Design,
Optimization & Integrations

New Magento Store – From Concept to Launch

Shero can manage the creation of your new Magento store every step of the way. Shero’s creative team can work closely with you to design an online store that captures your brand’s essence and voice. Our team of expert Magento Developers will ensure that functionality is running smoothly across all browsers and devices, whether through the utilization of a third party extension or custom-built modules, coded just for you. A well built Magento Store from Shero leads to happier shoppers and increased sales through positive user experience and brand trust.

Magento Strategy

Magento is a set of tools. Like any tools, there are right ways and wrong ways to use them. Shero has the experience to develop the best Magento strategy for your website’s success. That’s why we offer recommendations on how to optimize your eCommerce website, manage the content, ensure data quality, attract the search engines, and promote it. We recommend the best ways to improve performance.

Additionally, we can offer suggestions for increasing sales through merchandising, looking at:

  • Types and mix of products
  • Rules of the catalog pricing
  • Rules of the shopping cart prices
  • Related products, up-sells and cross-sells
  • Promotions aimed at specific customer groups

Magento Design

Shero’s experienced Magento design team mixes visual design, the user interface, and original content. Your website visitors will have a brand-driven shopping experience where everybody wins. We know how to utilize design strategies to improve your results. And we use responsive design to make sure your website looks excellent at all screen sizes, from mobile smartphones to tablets to full-sized computers.

We believe in giving users an enhanced experience, without bogging the website down with excessively complex, slow-to-download technology. And we make sure your branding on your website:

  • Emotionally connects your clients with your company
  • Demonstrates how you are different from your competitors, and
  • Builds trust

Shero has successfully designed dozens of beautiful — and functional — Magento websites. We can design the perfect website for your needs. Contact us for a quote.

Magento Performance Optimization

Performance is crucial to any eCommerce website. A slow website means lost customers. Did you know that optimizing your website can directly increase sales? Website speed is believed to affect search engines rankings, too. You have invested time and resources into your website. You cannot afford to cross your fingers and hope that your website is “good enough” unless you have had it optimized. That is why Shero offers Magento Performance Optimization.

When we design a website, we keep in mind ways to build in better website performance. We use industry-standard best practices to help the pages load faster. Our programmers utilize extensions and strategies to boost performance. We elect to host most websites on our own leased servers in the Shero Datacenter to provide reliable uptime and the fastest speeds possible.

Magento Integrations

Magento is a popular system with hundreds of tools for integrating other software into the eCommerce website. We find that many of our clients already have a POS system, an inventory management system, a CMS and/or a bookkeeping tool that they want to keep. For example (optional, insert list of popular integrations here). Most of the time, integrating this software with Magento is possible and we can connect them, sometimes seamlessly and sometimes via a simple export/import. We will research what type of integration is possible, make recommendations, implement the solution and provide easy-to-follow procedures for managing the data integration.

We are here to make your workflow efficient and save you money. Ask us about Magento Integration.