MailChimp vs Constant Contact Review. Which one is better?

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Mailchimp VS Constant Contact

Update Oct 6 – 2014

This blogpost, MailChimp vs Constant Contact, was posted for the fist time on August 21, 2012(see old article here). Since then it has been ranking number one on Google search results on reviews of either system or a comparison between the two. As the web changes and improves for the better, so have this two email marketing systems in the past two years. Personally we use MailChimp for our email marketing and have used Constant Contact on multiple occasions. 

Constant Contact and MailChimp are the top two email marketing systems today, but how do you choose? Here is an apples-to-apples comparison:

Deliverability measures what percentage of emails sent from a campaign get into the subscribers’ in-boxes. Constant Contact and MailChimp both have the highest deliverability rates in the industry: 97% and 96%-99% respectively. They use complex techniques to get emails delivered. For example, before the email is sent, these systems have tools to flag the email if it has spam triggers. Also, they both claim to be “whitelisted” by most ISPs to ensure deliverability. Both services have strict policies about list quality, which help ensure the list is truly opt-in and not just scraped or purchased. They are involved with industry groups and standards.

Social media integration means that your email campaign gets attention on Facebook, Twitter, etc. When you are ready to send your email, you get the option of propagating a link to a web-based version of the email on your social media accounts. Constant Contact posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn MailChimp lets you auto-tweet to Twitter and auto-post to Facebook, and allows your subscribers to comment about your email on Facebook.

MailChimp’s campaign archive toolbar also provides a permanent, free link to your email campaign on its server. Constant Contact will host a webpage version of your email free for 30 days, but permanent archiving costs $5/month. MailChimp’s archive automatically displays a mobile-friendly version of the email to mobile users, but Constant Contact does not. And Constant Contact has no automatic way of archiving emails on your own website, but MailChimp does, and it’s updated automatically whenever you send out an email campaign.

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MailChimp was ahead of Constant Contact in terms of usability until 2012, when Constant Contact rolled out a new interface very similar to MailChimp’s. Now they are both easy to use. They are both mobile-friendly with large buttons. They walk new users through the process of creating their first email campaign using prompts, help topics, useful on-screen explanations, and videos.

Constant Contact and MailChimp handle their lists differently. Both have the ability to segregate email lists into groups according to their interests (for example, General Interest, Health, Exercise). However, MailChimp has multiple, separate email lists with segments, while Constant Contact just has segments. Additionally, Constant Contact allows you to “tag” each email address with any number of words, so you can “narrow down” the list directly before sending. These tags are also useful for keeping track of sources and other details without adding too many segments.

Comparing pricing is tricky. Both have a free version: Constant Contact for 60 days under 100 contacts (unlimited email campaigns); MailChimp has a permanently-free option under 2,000 subscribers (maximum 12,000 emails/month). However, the free MailChimp does not give you access to certain tools for increasing your email’s deliverability, it does not have MailChimp’s “SocialPro” to analyze your subscriber’s social media activity, and doesn’t have auto-responders. The Constant Contact free trial ends quickly for many beginners because if they are doing it right, they exceed 99 subscribers before 60 days are up. Constant Contact’s fees start at $15/month <500 subscribers for “Basic” (email marketing only) and more for Essential (email marketing, plus campaigns with end-to-end reporting, surveys, offers & promotions, autoresponders). MailChimp costs $10/month <500 subscribers, and $15/month <1000 subscribers. It’s true that Constant Contact costs more for its “Essential” and most useful package, but it also offers a lot more. Constant Contact wants you to pay monthly and have pre-payment and non-profit discounts. MailChimp offers monthly plans as well as pay-as-you-go plans that act like stamps. (Tip: If you aren’t sending email to your list at least once a month, don’t bother — your subscribers have forgotten about you.)

Having done a great number of newsletters for clients who use both MailChimp and Constant Contant, when we’ve set up accounts for clients with Constant Contact, they have contacted us with follow up calls trying to sell more features from their service. MailChimp has been more laid back. One time they sent us a free MailChimp T-shirt when we used their Delivery Doctor, which costs $10 to have an email analyzed and run dozens of tests until to ensure the email is optimized and will not get blocked by email clients. Nonetheless, even when we used the Delivery Doctor we didn’t see a significant increase in delivered emails. In fairness, Constant Contact has more services to offer so you can’t fault them for offering more – they DO offer more. Also, when you open a new account with them, they assign an account manager to contact you and help you with everything from the day you sign up – not sure if MailChimp does that but our phone hasn’t rung since we signed up for a MailChimp account.

Both Constant Contact and MailChimp have hundreds of built-in, pre-designed, professional-looking templates that set them apart from most of the other email marketing systems. They are beautiful, perfectly programmed in HTML and easy to style. MailChimp even allows you to choose from a list of color schemes. They both use standard email marketing protocols including typical “safe” email widths starting at 600 pixels. MailChimp has a special button called “Get Colors from My Site,” which tries to auto-generate colors and images on your chosen template to match your website. Aligned with the fact that as many as half of your readers open your email from a mobile device, both services have “mobile-friendly” templates.

Constant Contact takes a more sophisticated “campaign” approach with its “Essential” toolkit. The system is set up to help you prepare different types of campaigns: Send an Email, Run a Promotion (similar to “Groupon”), Grow Facebook Fans, Plan an Event, and Create a Survey. Sure, most of the campaigns are propagated via email – but the idea of campaigns is better aligned with basic principles of marketing. You get a free email marketing template called “Campaign Design” that is based on the look-and-feel of your website. It’s handy to be able to track all the email addresses related to your events, surveys and special offers in one place. Constant Contact lets you track the entire campaign from beginning to end, and you don’t have to move data from one system to another. This is the main reason why Constant Contact Essentials costs way more than MailChimp. They also offer an “Ultimate” package that comes with a personal marketing coach.  MailChimp is only email marketing with list management and some social integration at this time.

Consider what you need. If you want to promote events and conduct surveys, Constant Contact is more convenient. Both are quick to start up, but MailChimp’s “Get Colors from My Site” and color scheme features might save you some time. MailChimp has better, free, permanent email archiving versus Constant Contact’s $5/month option. Fully-featured MailChimp is cheaper than Constant Contact, but you don’t get as many services. And MailChimp’s free account can have lasting value if you don’t need all the system’s features. These two companies are constantly adding features, to the point that the differences between their email marketing offerings are difficult to detect.



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  • Sherrie


  • Dave

    I use now and it is the bomb 🙂 way cheaper than mailchimp and constant contact. Their system is just as good but imho their service is better.

    • Dave, thanks for your comment. Could you please explain in more detail why Market Mailer is better? In their pricing table I see that they charge £9.95 ($15.91) a month for 2000 emails/credits while MailChimp offers that for free.

      • Danny

        Yah for low volume/free chimp is better. But for any serious quantity, other ones are better e.g. chimp 25k credits = 250usd and MM = £83.28 and it seems that the higher the volume the more it wins vs chimp, and probably others, there are some companies out there that will completely manage your campaigns, although, I dont have a clue which or how much it costs, I think there is one called Jaymail, looked pretty decent. Personally I use MM, they have unlimited list size and send limits, and the customer service is top notch.

      • Dave

        sorry about the delay 🙂 As Danny kindly pointed out if you’re going to send less than 2000 emails in a month then mailchimp is cheaper (cause theirs is free!)

        However, we send one-offs to 100,000 – 150,000 people:
        MarketMailer = £284
        Mailchimp = £434

  • T

    Mailchimp today provide me with one of the worst customer service experiences. They only provide online service, no phone number and no means. My recommendation: Invest into customer service, friendliness and means: Stay away from MailChimp. GetResponse and others provide a much better service, in particular, when you need it.

  • anne

    Informative! Thanks!

  • Jack

    Don’t even think about opening an auto responder account with MailChimp.
    Today they’ve decided to shut down my autoreponder account. Why ? For
    what reason ? All I could get was an auto generated email about Spam
    filters getting more and more sophisticated.

    I was diligently serving my small (but growing) list with useful advice,
    information and excellent articles. I had great response from people in
    my list and I was extremely careful to send useful information related
    to my niche. Why do they think I am a risk ? I don’t know as the Chimp
    wouldn’t say ! Maybe they are doing too well and they need to cut down
    the number of their customers

    I read some terrible stories about Mailchimp before I joined but I
    didn’t believe them until now. So do yourself a big favour and stay away
    from Mailchimp. If you have an account with MailChimp then I strongly
    suggest you to look for alternative auto responder.

  • Paolo Schiavon

    Mailchimp are a bunch of non professional amateurs if you ask me. I’ve been with them for months, paid £100’s and now I found out that all the autoresponders I did setup up during this time, never worked, missing on literally 100’s of leads worth £10,000’s because of the google analytic code they said, furthermore, on the latest version 8, they changed a fundamental feature without prior notice: we are working with account managers that needs to see their clients responses, one by one; now the open and unopened report link have been disabled for good so the share reports do not shown any more email by email who opened and who clicked, also the paragraphs have disappeared [a bug]. In all circumstances nothing but “there is not a ETA for this, ETA for that..” a complete shamble!

    And if you are reading this, Mr Mailchimp, your reply in response to this is not welcome, unless you are willing to indemnify £20,000 in lost contracts, and don’t even start with the software is provided as is, because that only means it is totally unreliable as it has been demonstrated. Good luck with that!

  • insi10

    TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE WHEN PROBLEMS ARISE!!! Until today, I had been with Mailchimp for about three years with a large account. I had to change payment methods. For mystery reasons, their credit card gateway (not my own credit card processor bank) wouldn’t accept my valid card. I had an urgent blast to get out on deadline, so I DROVE TO MY BANK AND MOVED THE CASH TO MY BANK DEBIT CARD. Drove back, tried to use that card. Same result. So I couldn’t get the blast out. But the really bad part was that THERE IS NO WAY TO SPEAK TO ANYONE AT MAILCHIMP – I REPEAT – YOU CANNOT GET ANYONE ON THE PHONE – and they did not respond to my urgent emails after saying that the problem was my card. IT ALMOST SEEMED AS IF THEY WERE TRYING TO DRIVE ME AWAY – A $2,880/YEAR CUSTOMER. . BOTTOM LINE: DON’T USE THIS VENDOR!! WHEN THERE IS A PROBLEM, YOU CAN’T REACH ANYONE. I switched today to IContact. It was very easy, and I talked to THREE helpful IContact people in the process of switching. YOUR CHOICE: NOBODY ON THE PHONE AND IGNORED EMAIL REQUESTS FOR HELP WITH MAILCHIMP or GET LIVE HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT WITH ICONTACT.COM..

  • I’ve been searching for this comparison. Thank you. Everyone keeps recommending MailChimp but I’ve been using Constant Contact for several years now, and their interface is easy to use. Pricing is confusing at MailChimp. Do you have an idea what the actual cost would be for 1,500 – 2,000 subscribers? Has their customer service improved?

    • sherodesigns

      Hi Brent,

      Glad you liked our article! Actually, for up to 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails a month Mailchimp doesn’t charges anything at ALL. So it is FREE. Their customer service also rocks.



  • Scott Sell

    I loved CC for years….used it a lot….Im leaving today for Mail
    Chimp. CC has not and apprently will not listen to cusotmers about the
    problems with contact lists and management and its redesign.

    tried to cancel my account online, then through chat only to be told it
    has to be done over the phone….I have been waiting for 30 minutes on
    the phone….This company went from Top of the line A++++ to nothing
    with a grade of F.

    I hate to leave but have no choice.


    • Рон Джамин

      Ive had similiar problems with CC. But my biggest complaint with MailChimp is their complete lack of customer support by phone. When I have a problem, I need help NOW, not “in 24 hours” or whatever they decide for email.

      • M Furnishing

        Constant contact is not much better in that regard. You are assigned an aount representitive. If that person is on the phone you need to leave a voicemail. Noone else can assist you.

    • John Gammell

      His Scott, I would like you and the other viewers to read the RipOff Report that I filed yesterday on Constant Contact. My original complaint is present and the follow up from the office of their CEO. i am now very proficient with MailChimp and consider MailChimp as far superior over Constant Contact. My first 2000 emails per campaign are free and there are no maintenance or account fess as with Constant Contact EventSpot. Once a person understands how to use MailChimp it is a highly cost effective solution. (Every viewer should read this complaint on my link, scroll the entire page.)

      • Peter Margetis

        John Gammell you should try Freemium you get 15000 emails per month free*

  • JustinT

    EmailDirect probably has the best customer support I have experience in regards to Email Marketing. They have a dedicated support team in which you get assigned a person who handles your account entirely.

  • Ralli

    I really enjoyed your blog post. Lots of useful information from first hand experience. Just one small suggestion – it was really hard for me to read the post, maybe if you use some headings, bullets or bold text you’ll improve the readability. Thanks and all the best!

    • Last Resort

      I second this.

    • Obi Obiora

      I third it

  • zengara

    I have a very bad experience with Constant Contact. I take the Trial version, the deliverability was bad I have a very low open rate compare to other service such as Mad Mimi.
    The worst happened when I try to cancel the acount, they ignore me, I have to call 5 times and they charge me 395 USD the same day my trial acount expired even when I cancel a day before. And they havent refund my money yet.

  • zengara

    Another bad service is Benchmark their deliverability rate is very low compared to Mail Chimp, for example I got a average open rate or 10 to 20%, with Benchmark is less than 2%. Constant Contact is like 7% using the same message.

  • 8pzwcvb/

    I haven’t tried any others, but Constant Contact does NOT have well trained service help–it’s very hit or miss what level of experience they have with their own product. Their survey product needs a lot of improvement as well.

  • Nathan Carver

    There is a better way to do email, texting and phone calls all from one
    dashboard. look up Mercury Flight

  • M Furnishing

    I used constant contact as the manager in my previous company before I was laid off due to downsizing. I then founded my own company and signed up with constant contact. I was delighted to see that they had a 60 day free trial, since that way I can save a few dollars and build my contacts, while not having to worry that I don’t have enough contacts to justify another monthly bill. They did what marketing companies do and no more. They sent my emails. My account representative was a delightful person named Kaleigh O. I could have remained with them for years if not for what transpired this morning. I got a call from Jack or Matt from Constant Contact. He said that I was manipulating the trial period because I was sending my emails to more than 10 contacts. Now in total I have 21 contacts, not hundreds. I sent my email to 10, then copied the email to another 7. I was a little befuddled as I did not realize that I was not allowed do that. I told him that there are many free services, to which he replied “Well, we are the only publicly traded company.” Now I why would I care about that? I want my emails sent. That is all! Maybe I’m overreacting but it comes across as TACKY, UNPROFESSIONAL AND CHEAP. The time of cheapness you expect from your bank. Not from a legit company such as Amazon. I got back to my ofice to cancel my trial, but apparently Jack/Matt’s mad dash to his computer beat me. I see they ended my trial. So now I will try Mailchimp. Splendid job Constant contact! You publicly traded company you.

    • Caroline Hanna

      Totally agreed, I signed up the 60 day free trial..and could not upload a logo or image to even send out ONE EMAIL to try it out… a few minutes later, got a call, and they told me I have to pay the $20 to make a SAMPLE “PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED” email for me. …so what the hell is the purpose of the free trial!!!!!

  • Whatdoyaknow

    Mail Chimp probably doesn’t even have a customer service department. Complained about possible hack on my account(s), needed to stop billing. ZERO RESPONSE!! Tried to reach them at least 10-12 different times. No phone number. Sent them a letter. Nothing! Na da!!!
    I swear my company will NEVER do business with this clowns again!

  • Rick Francis

    Hey guys go look at Mercury Flight – – They have great features, Lightning speed customer service, and a really easy to use dashboard to send not just emails but also calls and texts from one location. They have a free trial so you can take it for a spin and try it out – and yes it is really free, no credit card is asked for. You can setup a campaign in seconds and it also respects copy and paste responsive HTML code. You can use the Wysiwyg or HTML function and it really does work. Dont be surprised if you get a call from one of the owners, even if it is in response to a demo inquiry. These guys ROCK!!!

    • Dax

      What is the *delivery rate*?

  • I would encourage all viewers to see my RipOff Report filed on Constant Contact yesterday. The office of their CEO promptly replied when I tweeted them and disclosed the report to their customer service dept. My money was refunded immediately.

    Scroll the entire page for initial report and follow up. I do not recommend Constant Contact and while MailChimp does have its issues as well I have found MailChimp to be effective for me once I established some proficiency in developing the templates and campaigns. My first 2000 emails are free and there are no maintenance costs as with CC. CC’s customer support is terrible and they get snotty real quick.

  • Briann

    I prefer MailChimp but I wanna try GetResponse- anyone use it? I know that on their website ( you can get free trial version. Maybe it’s worth tryin what do you think?

    • ciaran

      Hey B.! I’m using GetResponse and in my opinion it’s a very nice email marketing software. Take care!

  • Christina Ciani

    Pinpointe is far better than both of these, in my opinion. A little bit of a learning curve just because the platform isn’t as “pretty,” but definitely worth it. Better customer service and deeper reporting analysis. –

  • I think Constant Contact is the best email marketing service out there. Here is an updated Constant Contact vs iContact vs GetResponse comparison review here:

  • wojtekB

    The two options are great but ConstantContact ( provides the better dedicated support for the newbies but having real urgent email marketing needs.

  • Sam Blake

    MailChimp is all about a company with deep marketing budget. How about using that money to provide service rather than just use it for marketing? I haven’t used CC, but I have used MailChimp and honestly, the name fits. It’s a marketing tool that only chimps would use. I am not going to name what service I use now after having tried MailChimp because my post might be seen as a plug for that the service that I’m using now. But do yourself a favor and save yourself days of agony having to deal with MailChimp’s customer service.

    The customer service of this other email marketing service that I am with are such pleasant people; I can’t believe that I put up with MailChimp customer service. As my dad had always taught me you won’t know what you are missing unless you accept change. I changed from MailChimp, and would never look back.

  • sonam

    MailChimp’s robust marketing automation makes sure your emails get to the right people at the right time. Target customers based on behavior, preferences, and previous sales. And when you’re finished, get in-depth reporting insights to make every automated series you send better than the last.

  • Thanks for sharing this article but my client want to another newsletter solutions but not

    MailChimp vs Constant Contact. any other solutions.

  • hello jung

    For some more deep insights on constant contact visit You can also get a 30 day free offer!