WordPress Maintenance and Support Packages

Take advantage of our WordPress Support services that help you address WordPress website fixes, 24/7 WordPress technical support,  website maintenance, WordPress security patches, & WordPress version upgrades.

Our ongoing WordPress Website Support Packages for WordPress websites keep your website running smoothly. If something goes wrong, Shero is here to make it right. We can add pages, enhance features, install plugins, and more to help ensure your website runs at peak capacity. How your WordPress website is maintained can heavily impact your website’s success, and we want your website to achieve its full potential.

Why should you choose one of our WordPress Maintenance Packages?

WordPress Experts

WordPress Experts

When you need them

Monthly WordPress Website Updates

Ongoing Support

Phone and email support

WordPress Security Support

Regular Health Checks

To catch issues quickly

Which Support Option is Right for You?


Up to 4 hours of monthly  WordPress website support

Consulting, updating of graphics, text, and code, WordPress theme updates, WordPress plugin updates, minor bug fixes, etc.

Usual Monthly Cost: $500 ($125/hr)
Monthly Plan Cost: $460 ($115/hr)
Your Savings! $40 per month


Up to 8 hours of monthly WordPress website support

WordPress website uptime and performance monitoring including availability management, consulting, updating of graphics, text and code, in-house staff training, WordPress theme updates, WordPress plugin updates, minor bug fixes, etc.

Usual Monthly Cost: $1000 ($125/hr)
Monthly Plan Cost: $880 ($110/hr)
Your Savings! $120 per month


Up to 16 hours of monthly WordPress website support

WordPress website uptime and performance monitoring, including availability management, bug fixes, and ongoing maintenance (version upgrades, backups, cleanup, etc.) Application Support – available to perform WordPress version upgrades, as well as WordPress plugin installations, in-house staff training, customizations, integrations with third-party systems and services, development of additional features and other enhancements and modifications.

Usual Monthly Cost: $2000 ($125/hr)
Monthly Plan Cost: $1680 ($105/hr)
Your Savings! $320 per month


More than 32 hours of WordPress website support

WordPress Website Support – daily backup, daily automated and manual site check, uptime monitoring, daily security check, site performance optimization for fast page loading, theme updates, weekly WordPress plugin updates, database optimization, spam comment management, a weekly report of work performed and a summary of each service. Install new plugins as requested, create pages, assist with database and user setup, development additional features and other enhancements and modifications.
A business analyst will periodically review your website’s performance, examine market trends, consult on process consulting, and other tasks related to the business functionality of the website.

Usual Monthly Cost: $4000 ($125/hr)
Monthly Plan Cost: $3200 ($100/hr)
Your Savings! $800 per month

*6 or 12-month service contract. Additional 5% discount when signing up for a 12-month contract.


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Why should you choose one of our WordPress Maintenance Packages?

  • With any website, technical issues come up. Having an ongoing maintenance contract helps prevent problems, or gets them fixed in a timely manner.
  • Shero makes your support tickets top priorities when you are on a maintenance contract.
  • Our packages are priced according to the number of support and maintenance hours you choose per month. If you do not use all your hours in one month, they are rolled over to the next month. However, when the contract expires, your hours are reset to zero.
  • Like having regular checkups at the doctor’s office to ensure you stay healthy, by having a maintenance contract your site is continually reviewed. We will thoroughly examine your site for any bugs or errors, saving you from the fearful cost and worry of an “emergency room” situation.
  • Shero only offers on-going Website Maintenance Packages. This means we will not offer any “emergency room” pay-as-you-go support. If Shero made your WordPress website, buying a package is the only way to get support from us post-launch.

Prevent WordPress Website Issues

WordPress is a notoriously stable, open-source platform. However, WordPress is automatically upgraded to the latest version many times per year. Sometimes this creates unanticipated problems on the website, especially with Plugins. There are more than 29,000 different WordPress Plugins, and most websites have at least 20 installed. Shero will keep these Plugins updated and working to the best of our ability. We also look at potential problems with the server and code. Ongoing Website Maintenance is the best way to make sure your website stays up and running, and that everything works.Since 2010, Shero has been building and maintaining WordPress websites of all sizes. We have seen good websites go bad due to neglect. We help prevent little problems from growing into big problems.

Meet Your Goals

Your business will grow over time, and your website needs to grow with you. All support requests are responded to within a maximum of 8 business hours. Usually, you receive a personal response within the same hour that your request was submitted, and the work is completed not too long after that. Given the unlimited possibilities available to WordPress websites, On-going Website Maintenance is simply smart business. You can choose the package that best suits your needs.

How the WordPress Maintenance Contract Works

Our maintenance packages consist of prepaid blocks of hours, and they are work-for-hire. You will specify how your website should be reviewed or changed before we modify your website. When you send in a support ticket, it will be our top priority.

Customers have the ability to increase the monthly hours in their website maintenance plan based on what we determine to be your average hours per/month.

Your maintenance plan’s hours expire at the end of each month and cannot be accumulated or saved for the future. If you have an existing project that exceeds the hours in your website maintenance plan you have the option of paying the difference based on your discounted rate.

Upon request, Shero sends a monthly report about hours used (and how they were used).

What If Shero Didn’t Develop My WordPress Website?

If you already have a WordPress website, then welcome! Your On-going Website Maintenance will start out with a thorough evaluation. You will receive a list of our recommendations for improving your palette of plug-ins and correcting errors, bugs, inefficiencies, and potential problems. We will recommend which services may suit you best, and complete any changes you want.

Why Shero?

At Shero, we believe in offering the best, and most personal, service possible. Based out of our office in Poughkeepsie, New York, all of our employees work in tandem with each other. We do not outsource any work, and each team member is proficient in all forms of WordPress maintenance. We familiarize ourselves with your project and your needs to give you the finest quality work you deserve.

To find out how we can help you support and grow your WordPress website, contact us today!

Fast response times when you need it

We offer a rapid response to site issues based on the severity of the issue raised. We understand the critical nature of eCommerce and our focus is to fix issues accordingly.

Estimated fix time
Priority 1 Site unavailable / unable to checkout Within 1-2 hours
Priority 2 An issue that is affecting 10% of customers or more 1-2 days
Priority 3 Any superficial or aesthetic issue that is not affecting transactions 2-5 days


Not only do we react fast when an issue is raised, we proactively monitor your site for signs of issues. With our Enterprise maintenance package we monitor items such as error rates and server capacity to ensure that issues are caught as early as possible, often even before your customers are heavily impacted.

Contact Us today to receive a free one-hour consultation call with one of our Magento Support specialists.

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