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Bridge Furniture & Props
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The Challenge

For over a decade, Bridge Props has provided furniture, props and decorative accessories for productions of all kinds. With three online storefronts corresponding to physical storefronts in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, Bridge Props was ready to explore new technologies to expand business and improve customer service. The problem? Their online storefronts. Built on an outdated version of Magento, the core code had been heavily modified, making the sites virtually impossible to upgrade. Additionally, each site was hosted on its own Magento instance, tripling the costs of updates and maintenance. Poised for growth as a business, Bridge Props was locked into an outdated and insecure web presence that severely limited its potential.

The Solution

After an in-depth discovery of the client’s needs, Shero focused the initial project scope on delivering Bridge Props a strong foundation on Magento’s most stable available version. From here, Bridge Props can continue to improve user experience, enhance mobile optimization, integrate with new solutions and grow the website with confidence.

The core of the Bridge Props websites had been edited or “hacked,” exposing the site to security risks and making upgrades nearly impossible. Shero redeveloped the site from the ground up, bringing the code up to best practice standards and clearing the way for future improvements.



Previously, each of Bridge Prop’s online storefronts–corresponding to physical storefronts in three major cities–had its own Magento instance; this made upgrades and maintenance prohibitively expensive, and administration was frustratingly complex. The site was redesigned to take advantage of Magento’s multi-site capabilities, allowing Bridge Prop’s three storefronts to share a single catalog, customer database and administrative control panel. This greatly reduced the client’s maintenance overhead while also cutting costs for services like hosting and SSL.

Each storefront was given unique theme elements to differentiate it while sharing a consistent appearance with the other storefronts. And of course, the new design is natively responsive, greatly improving the experience of visitors using mobile devices. As part of the discovery phase, Shero worked closely with Bridge Props to develop detailed personas and user stories, developing the UX of the new website to deliver the best possible experience for customers.



As Shero continues to partner with the Bridge Props team for eCommerce success, the new website is streamlining operations and opening Bridge Props to a world of possibilities!

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