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Juniemoon Shop
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Juniemoon Shop needed a complete redesign based on a pre-existing brand strategy. They had an eCommerce website before, but it was not built with Magento, so we needed to move all of their products and information to the new website. Juniemoon wanted their website to be responsive so that it would look great on mobile and desktop devices. We also needed to add tons of information on the product pages because Juniemoon has very dedicated customers who are extremely knowledgeable about the products and all of their various attributes.


We designed Juniemoon Shop with their specific branding in mind. The website is very whimsical while remaining organized. We used girly and fun pink tones with flower embellishments on the entire background. This website is fully responsive and flexible. To convey lots of information, product pages feature a tabbed description area that displays descriptions of the products as well as a unique set of attributes that tells customers exactly what they will receive with each product. Because Juniemoon has such dedicated customers, the home page announces which products will be coming soon above sliders featuring the newest arrivals and bestsellers.


Instant Add To Cart Update For The Mini Cart Subtotals:

The “add to cart” feature would not update the totals on the top of page mini cart. We altered the programming so that when an item is added to the cart, the number of items in the cart and the cart subtotal appear instantly. A refresh was no longer needed.

Multiple Language Store Views

Juniemoon is based in Japan and appeals to both English-speaking and Asian markets. We used a multi-store setup that allows for one of five different languages to be selected when people arrive on the shopping cart page and the checkout page. The key to this modification was making sure that the cart and checkout page translate when a customer chooses their language (Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and English). We had to set this page to load only on the cart and checkout pages (with the exception of the customer area dashboard for the logged-in customers).

Paypal Module Modification

The default Magento Paypal payment gateway module works fine for the most part. Unfortunately, when working with Yen currency, the Paypal payment module would allow prices to have decimal points. This resulted in an error when the Magento store redirected a customer to the Paypal payment form (this was during our testing, not when the site was live). We fixed this error by rounding off all purchase totals to ensure no decimals existed in the payment total. This was mandatory since the Yen does not support decimal points.