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Neteon Technologies is a national technology distributor of Industrial Networking and Internet of Things solutions. With inventory shipping centers on both the East and West coasts, Neteon’s goal is to provide critical support to America’s growing industrial infrastructure by providing top-quality tech components at competitive prices, supported by first-class customer service. In addition to being a one-stop shop for industrial IT solutions, Neteon is an indispensable resource for keeping up with the latest developments in industrial networking and IoT, maintaining a large catalog of articles and media resources.

The Challenge

Migration from one eCommerce platform to another is never simple, but special challenges are faced by a company when its current platform is highly customized to meet its needs. This was very much the case for Neteon. With a customer base made up of consumers, businesses, factories, and resellers, Neteon had extended its Magento 1.9 installation with a variety of modules and custom features to meet the precise technical needs of its clients. While the products sold by Neteon perform a wide variety of functions within the realm of industrial networking, they can be difficult to tell apart using normal eCommerce methods. To the untrained eye, most of the products are nearly identical gray boxes with long, cryptic names.

Neteon addresses this problem in several ways, such as emphasizing factory part numbers rather than SKUs, and including detailed technical information as downloadable files with many of the products. It also relies heavily on a large database of custom product attributes that play a vital role in search, filtering, and comparison. In many cases, the solutions Neteon used to extend Magento 1 were not available in Magento 2.

Another important element is content. To assist its customers in making informed choices, Neteon provides a library of valuable articles, white papers, and media resources that detail trends in industrial electronics and highlight the features of specialized components. On its previous platform, Neteon offloaded rich content requirements to WordPress, a solution that was no longer viable for a security-sensitive upgrade to Magento 2.

The Solution

Neteon’s goal was more than just migration. They wanted a faster, more modern site that would drastically improve their ability to meet customer needs, especially in the growing B2B market of factories and resellers.

A Focus on B2B

Neteon wanted to position itself for growth by better serving commercial clients. For Shero, the choice was obvious: We helped Neteon migrate from its previous platform, a standard installation Magento Community 1.9 to Magento B2B Commerce 2.2. This groundbreaking platform has quickly taken its place as one of the world’s most popular choices for business-to-business eCommerce, with an impressive suite of B2B features including:

  • Company Accounts with tiered access to multiple associates
  • Requisition Lists for company-wide shopping cart management
  • Quote Requests to facilitate streamlined price negotiation
  • Quick Ordering and Company Credit to encourage customer loyalty

While the choice may have been simple, the migration was far from it, with thousands of products and nearly as many thousands of customers, many of whom are resellers. Hundreds of special attributes had to be accounted for to ensure that the transition would be seamless for the commercial accounts that rely on Neteon for uninterrupted service.

Content Concerns

More than most eCommerce sites, Neteon is content-driven. Its ever-growing catalogue of informative articles and technical resources are a crucial component in driving customers toward knowledgeable purchases.

Rather than continuing to host rich content on external platforms, Shero’s goal was to provide a solution that would keep it simply and securely within the Magento dashboard. Even with the upcoming release of Page Builder, however, Magento’s native capabilities fall short of Neteon’s content management needs.

With the integration and in-depth configuration of Advanced Content Manager by Blackbird, we were able to facilitate content that could be sorted, filtered and presented in multiple ways throughout the site. This combines the eCommerce muscle of Magento with features comparable to a robust CMS. It also keeps all the content in one place, allowing for ease of administration while radically improving the searchability of content and its association with products in the catalogue.

Integrations and Customizations

In many cases, products and solutions that extended the functionality of Neteon’s previous site were no longer feasible for the new one. After an extensive technical discovery process, Shero set about extending Magento B2B Commerce with a combination of 3rd-party modules and custom development.

Product Presentation

While many of Shero’s clients are food and fashion vendors with products that visually speak for themselves, Neteon’s catalogue is made up of specialized technical components that often look nearly identical to one another. For a customer, finding the right product involves browsing by type, filtering by attribute or searching by part number. Manufacturer preference also plays a key role, so Shero designed the site to be easily navigable by brand as well.

  • Browsing by product is aided by an in-depth mega menu.
  • Browsing by brand is simple thanks to a graphical menu and a brand slider on the homepage.
  • Searching is supercharged with smart suggestions for both products and articles.
  • Product filtering drills down to the most precise specifications by keying in on hundreds of attributes.
  • Part numbers and detailed component names are made highly visible with bespoke theme development.
  • Product Specifications and Manuals are available for reference and download on every product page.

Notable Integrations

  • ShipperHQ to facilitate smart shipping for B2B
  • Sphinx for smart search capabilities
  • Advanced Content Manager to host rich content from Magento
  • Netsuite + Celigo Integration with Magento for inventory management and fulfillment
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