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University Products
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The Challenge

Founded in 1968, University Products offers the industry’s most complete selection of museum quality products and archival materials, with 85% of it’s nearly 7,000 product catalog being manufactured in its Western Massachusetts factory. UP had a loyal customer base, but it was operating with an aging online storefront built on a platform that ceased being supported in 2014. Shero was brought in to help University Products update and expand its capabilities, providing a modern shopping experience for a wider range of customers.

The Solution


Starting with a sleek, responsive design, Shero built a completely new online storefront for University Products on the cutting-edge Magento 2 platform. Complete data for nearly 7,000 products and 42,000 customers was migrated from the original site using custom-designed scripts.

The new accomodates complex product grouping, in which many different product variations can be selected under a single parent product for specialized orders. A custom-built quick order form allows customers to quickly order multiple products in bulk.

Shero also integrated a wide range of customer service solutions, improving international shipping and configuring complex shipping rules based on multiple factors. Sales prices and coupons were incorporated, along with discounts and tax rules based on customer groups.

With its new Magento 2 site, University Products now has the latest technology at its fingertips to easily and effectively expand its American business into an international marketplace for years to come.

Custom Modules built by Shero

Customer Group Switcher
Quick Order
Sub-group Builder for grouped products

Extensions and Add-Ons

Monetra Payments
Amasty Improved Layered Navigation
Amasty Shipping Rules
Amasty Shipping Restrictions
Amasty Order Attributes
Amasty Downloadable Product Attachments
MageMe Custom Form Builder
Mageworx Gift Certificates
Mageworx Advanced SEO plugin
Magesolution Mega Dropdown
Uber Theme Product Slider

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