Server Side Features of Magento Enterprise

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Server Side Features of Magento Enterprise

Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce platform solution that offers merchants complete control and flexibility over your online store. Magento Enterprise Edition gives you the ability to expand into new markets and support greater volumes while keeping your website secure.

Using the following tools included in Magento Enterprise Edition, you can secure your store, backup content, set up a testing environment and much more.

Backup and Rollback

Manage and schedule several types of backup operations with the option to rollback the changes to reverse any modifications. This feature is useful when testing new modules or customizations, or when upgrading to a new version of Magento. You can review specific customizations and their impact on the new code.
Three types of backup are supported:

  • System Backup
  • Database Backup
  • Database and Media Backup

Strong Data Encryption, Hashing and Key Management

Magento Enterprise Edition hashes all data that does not require decryption by using a strong SHA-256 hashing algorithm instead of the previously used MD5. Legacy passwords will be hashed using the new algorithm whenever they are entered by customers, and all new passwords will be hashed using the SHA-256 algorithm.

Magento Enterprise Edition also encrypts all data that does require decryption by using an industry standard AES-256 algorithm. This includes credit card data and integration (payment and shipping modules) passwords.

Support for Alternate Media Storage – CDN and Database

Magento Enterprise Edition allows you to store media files in a database on a database server or in a Content Delivery Network (CDN), as opposed to storing them on the file system of the web server. By default, all images, CSS files and JavaScript files are stored on the web server. Storing media files on a database allows for automatic synchronization and reverse synchronization between the web server file system and the database.

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PA-DSS Certification/Payment Bridge

The main security feature available with Magento Enterprise Edition that is not offered in Magento Community Edition is the Magento Secure Payment Bridge. This key feature means Magento Enterprise Edition is a PCI PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) compliant platform, saving you the costs associated with achieving PCI compliance on your own. Your customers can trust that their personal information is strongly encrypted and stored securely and in accordance with international security regulations.

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Staging, Merging and Rollback of Content

Store owners should always be testing and optimizing their site; creating a staging environment simply means creating an environment that is not visible to customers, and where one can test out different features and make modifications without worrying about their store breaking.

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Full Page Caching

Caching improves load speed response time on your Magento Store. A cached page will be stored after one visit or pre-generated and stored. A cached page takes much less time to open in a browser. Fast load speed is crucial to your customers’ shopping experience, and customers will commonly abandon stores that are slow to load or respond.

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Using the above mentioned tools, Magento Enterprise Edition allows you, as the store owner, to grow your store with confidence. Using Magento’s Payment Bridge provides your store with a secure payment gateway, save and download your database, and enable full page caching. Our team wrote another post that outlines the admin features of Magento Enterprise, so be sure to check out the great features Magento Enterprise has to offer. Magento is the ultimate eCommerce solution.

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