Shero Newsletter May 2017

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Magento 2 Community or Enterprise?

One of the most popular questions that all merchants are faced with when moving to Magento 2 is what version to go with, Magento 2 Enterprise or Magento 2 Community Edition. Quite often we get asked questions like: What am I really paying for with Magento 2 Enterprise? What is the out the door cost of Magento 2 Enterprise? Can I use Magento 2 community and still get the job done? Shero’s latest article provides answers to all these questions and more with a detailed feature comparison.

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Recent Go Live Project

One of the world’s fastest growing companies, Primitives by Kathy turned to Shero for a cutting-edge ecommerce site capable of managing multiple brands for B2C and B2B sales. Read our case study to learn how Shero partnered with PBK and Red Rook to design and develop an amazing new platform for exponential growth!

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