Why Website Marketing Is Important

With the age of the internet marketing is so much easier these days for many, many businesses. Before the internet came around, businesses had to…
  • Gentian Shero
  • Co-founder, CEO, & Marketing Consultant
  • February 27, 2012 Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

With the age of the internet marketing is so much easier these days for many, many businesses. Before the internet came around, businesses had to go searching for their customers by advertising on newspapers, magazines, mailers, billboards etc.

Nowadays, technology has made it possible for customers to go searching for your business. We search for products and services everyday with our smart phones and computers in the work place and at home. Marketing has changed from searching for customers to being found from customers. The trick then is whether or not you can be found if your customer searches for you? That’s what marketing is these days and you need to be everywhere your customers are.

Lets put it differently. People will happily pay thousands of dollars on rent for a store that gets high foot traffic (location, location, location). That’s what website marketing can do for you, – get’s your store so that the passing or searching traffic find it easily.

Basically it comes down to the question of where do you want to shop? The choices are two. One, either at a super busy big mall like the Poughkeepsie Galleria, which is the equivalent of being #1 on Google for the best keyword, Google Adwords, Facebook presence, and having a popular website that everybody links too, or second, on a dead-end back road – that’s what no website marketing at all gets you.

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The problem is that a  number people don’t see the web as a way  of marketing. Paying high rent for a great location, advertising on the radio and newspapers is what marketing is considered. When you advertise on the radio your name is mentioned in the air at a certain time of a day, which is great. On the newspaper your ad will be shown for the time length you’ve agreed and paid for, which again is a great. What happens with most traditional marketing mediums is that you can rarely measure the exact return on investment. You can not tell how many people came to the store because they heard the radio ad or read the ad on the newspaper, unless you’re selling Ferrari’s and ask each customer where did they hear about you.

With internet marketing, however, everything is targeted and measurable. Either you use Google Adwords, do Affiliate Marketing, invest on your website content, do website optimization, build Facebook followers, or do any other kind of internet marketing that appeals to your target market, you’ll be able to tell exactly how much money went where and how many leads you got from each of those marketing efforts.

In our case we use solely the website and the internet as a marketing tool, and believe me it works. Other ways, we wouldn’t  be in business today and I would not be writing this.

Website marketing is as important as any another kind of marketing.

Pretty simple, huh!



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