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Food Service Hoods


Food Service Hoods specializes in custom hoods for commercial kitchens. Their hoods are designed to make kitchens safe with constant air flow. The Food Service Hoods factory is located in New Jersey, but their products are only sold through their Magento online store. Food Service Hoods desired a clean and professional look to instill confidence in their shoppers and showcase their high quality products.

Food Service Hoods required an alternative product import system. Since their customers are often placing large orders for industrial kitchens, Food Service Hoods also wanted to offer shoppers an easy way to receive a quote.



We added an alternative import tool that makes importing products much faster and easier for Food Service Hoods.

We also added a quotation functionality that allows the customer to receive quotes on certain products. The customer then has the option to directly buy the item by adding it to their cart. Payment functionality was also added that allows for partial payments and installment payments on products. On each product page, shoppers see descriptive attributes which include height, weight, depth, etc.

Since Food Service Hoods did not have an already existing website, we designed and built a new Magento website utilizing the Ultimo theme, which is fully responsive. The site is built to look great on all browsers and devices. The design for Food Service Hoods is targeted for customers who want to buy kitchen appliances, yet it still stands out from the rest of the appliance websites with its own unique style.


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