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Gordon’s Fine Wines and Liquors


The Gordon’s Fine Wine & Liquors had both a successful retail store and a profitable online store. They were looking for a website redesign that was a cleaned up, responsive, and modernized version of their existing website to help improve conversions. Some of the most important challenges we faced were:

  • dramatically overhauling the search and filtering functions
  • improving the user experience of the website
  • integrating with their Point of Sale (POS) System
  • obeying legal restrictions on shipping alcohol to certain states

Searching and filtering is critical for their conversions. Wine collectors want to find exclusive wines based on criteria like category, price, color, vintage, country, and bottle size.

Gordon’s Fine Wines and Liquors offer discounts based on volume, quantity, and price range. Rules and parameters were set up to accommodate those discounts. Flash, or short-term, Sales are also a large part of their business, so they needed an easy way to manage them. In addition, shipping wine in the USA is limited in certain states, so we needed to restrict online sales to states where it was impermissible for wines to be shipped. We also had to give local customers the option of choosing to either pick up their merchandise in the store, or having it shipped to them personally. Finally, this client requested that we  make it easier for their shipping department to manage orders on the back end of their website.


The Gordon’s Fine Wine & Liquors’ website was custom designed and based on the Simple Great Magento Theme (which was set up as a child theme). The client wanted a more robust home page built to utilize their space and maximize it for conversions. This included a left sidebar navigation to allow customers to filter as soon as they land on the home page. A slide show area highlights promotions, daily flash sale, top categories, news, and updates. Categories can expand and contract.

Gordon’s hosts many events and tastings. We highlight this information on the sidebar and home page by utilizing the Fishpig WordPress Extension blog integration with Magento.

To improve navigation, we used mega drop-downs from the top menu. When the website visitor chooses a main product category from the top menu, an organized list of sub-categories drops down. This helps increase the chances that the shopper will find what they want. The “wine” main menu is broken down further by popular sub-categories such as country of origin and specialties like “mead” and “sparkling.” On the category pages, we used Manadev navigation so visitors can filter the list based on country, region, vintage, and vernacular specific to wine aficionados; such as varietal (the specific grape variety).

For product discounts, we set up shopping cart price rules to allow discounts for certain bottle combinations. We also utilized the Multiple Deals Extension to help set up Flash Sales. The day’s Flash Sale appears on the home page with a countdown. This generates a lot of excitement and sales. Past Flash Sales are archived automatically.

The WebShopApps Shipping Override let us solve several shipping problems at checkout. By restricting which states shoppers could ship to, their business was able to comply with the laws associated with shipping alcohol in the United States. We were also able to detect if a customer was local by asking for this zip code; if they were nearby, they would have the option of picking up their order at the store for no shipping charge, or receiving their products via FedEx for a fee. This is convenient for them and helps build customer loyalty and trust. Customers outside of the area are not confused by the local pickup option, because they do not see it.

To improve the efficiency of shipping orders, we utilized the Moogento Pick Pack. Gordon’s can mass-create pick lists and packing slips, which streamlines fulfillment.


Simple Great Theme
Manadev Ultimate Filter Navigation
Multiple Deals Extension by Developers Inc. (Flash Sale Extension)
Moogento Pick Pack Extension
Aheadworks Advanced Reports
Fishpig WordPress Integration Extension
WebShopApps Shipping Override Extension
CounterPoint POS integration by Center Stage
Customer Connect Integration for Email Marketing