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HMC Honors sells military pins, patches, hats, and other items. They have thousands of products for sale and required a powerful solution for online selling. HMC Honors needed a completely updated look, a new branding strategy, and a stronger web presence. They wanted to make it easy for visitors to browse their products, but also to make it simple for buyers to quickly order products based on SKU.


We had lots of fun rebranding this website. We went for a rugged look with a green, khaki, and brown color palette with hints of bright orange. We incorporated military images and used bold lines and military inspired fonts. The website feels new and fresh but is extremely organized. It has a modern yet classic look.

Product presentation was key because of the overwhelming number of products. We used a default grid layout, but made the products smaller than usual so that a large number of products could be viewed at once. There is an add to cart button on each product that makes it simple to quickly add products. The left sidebar of the product pages allows shoppers to narrow down results by a number of attributes, including military branch, price, and product category. A detailed drop-down navigation uses images and labels to make it easy for shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for.

We also added the following extensions for performance and usability:

WebShopApps: Premium Matrixrate. Premium MatrixRate gives us total control over shipping rates. We can offer different customers different shipping options that cater to their needs and location. We can use price, quantity, and weights to calculate shipping rates that benefit HMC Honors and their valued customers.

Gorilla: Authorize.net CIM Integration.Magento merchants who offer Authorize.net as a payment gateway allow their customers to create customer accounts within Magento to facilitate a quicker checkout and payment process. The Authorize.Net CIM extension is a custom ecommerce payment solution that allows for stored billing data within the payment gateway rather than within the Magento platform. – See more at: https://instore.gorillagroup.com/magento-extensions/authorize-net-cim-extension#sthash.rI9wTchr.dpuf

GoMage: Light Checkout – One Page Checkout. One page checkout makes purchasing from HMC Honors as easy as possible. Customers can check out quickly and without having to navigate through multiple pages of information which can lead to an abandoned shopping cart.

GoMage: Advanced Navigation. GoMage Advanced Navigation is designed to optimize and improve navigation of your online Magento store. Ajax filter integration allows your customers to filter unnecessary categories, attributes, and products to find what they are looking for quickly. GoMage Advanced Navigation with integrated ajax filters refreshes the page with new products as the customer scrolls, making it extremely simple to navigate through thousands of products.

Counterpoint IntegrationMass Data importing from company inventory into Magento.