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Institute of Contemporary Art Boston


The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston had an existing website that was very limited and did not integrate with their Point of Sale System, CounterPoint. They wanted more flexibility with customizations, CMS pages, shipping, product configurations and more. In addition, they wanted their inventory and product information to sync with CounterPoint. They wanted to keep a similar look and feel, but improve the backend office management to make it easier for the ICA staff.


To start, they picked an existing theme called Milano. We set the Milano theme up as a child theme and made a few design tweaks, while keeping the main functionality of theme. The important part of this project was to set up the CounterPoint integration. We then worked closely with Center Stage, the creators of CPMagento, to integrate the CounterPoint POS system with Magento. Once this was completed, product information and inventory were set up to sync automatically. This has allowed them to manage the retail and online store better because they could now manage it in one place: in CounterPoint.


CounterPoint POS Integration Utilizing the CPMagento Integration from Center Stage
Milano Theme – Customized Child Theme