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Julia B. Couture Linens

Magento customization for handmade luxury linens


Julia B. is a luxury brand of customized linens, hand-made for distinguishing clients to the highest standards of quality. The unique nature of these products, including customizations such as unique monograms, custom hand embroidery, and appliqué, meant that any out-of-the-box eCommerce solution was ruled out for the Julia B. online storefront. In addition, Julia B. needed a better method of handling the complex production process after an order was made, collaborating with designers and vendors around the world to assure perfect quality; a process that previously was handled with a hodgepodge combination of online services, telephone calls, and paper.


Shero worked extensively with Julia B. to develop a unique responsive website design that elegantly showcases the luxury of the product line, inviting visitors to browse a carefully curated catalog of gift products through sections based on techniques (like hand embroidery) and occasions (like weddings).

While the original website only showcased products without accommodating online sales, the new juliab.com allows shoppers to browse hundreds of customizable products, from cocktail napkins to baby pillows. Using the Advanced Custom Options Magento extension, Shero created hundreds of customization templates that allow customers to personalize products by choosing colors, entering personal information and selecting monogram designs.

Once an order is made, juliab.com‘s advanced customer account features facilitate communication between Julia B. and customers, allowing customers to review and approve monogram designs and other unique customizations in their order.

This functionality interacts with an administrative system that Shero developed from the ground up on the Magento platform to manage a complex production process for craftspeople and vendors on three continents. The production system allows Julia B. to oversee the creation of each uniquely personalized product, from the hand-sketching of a monogram design to the dying of a custom fabric color. Shero’s customizations combine a process that formerly required a patchwork of services and technologies into a single proprietary system that facilitates the entire production flow from order receipt to shipment, helping to ensure that Julia B. customers receive the quality they expect from this luxury brand.


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