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Kombucha Brooklyn

Kombucha Brooklyn had an existing website but was not satisfied. They didn’t have the capability of selling all of their products online, and they also wanted to re-brand. While their old site relied heavily on illustrations, their desired new direction was a clean, easy-to-navigate site with crisp photographs that put the product in the spotlight.


We really let the product shine on this website. Kombucha’s teas are natural and calming, and we wanted to give this site the same feeling: a minimalistic feel with just the right pop of color. Product pages feature a variety of views, extensive descriptions, and a zoom feature that allows visitors to get up close and personal with the product. We helped them customize their ordering system so that visitors could choose to ship certain products at a later date, free of cost. Kombucha isn’t an easy product to brew (or understand). We needed to make lots of information available and easy to find. On this website you can find instructions on how to brew your own Kombucha, how to bottle it, and how to use it for cleaning, cooking, and beauty. All of your questions about the uses and benefits of this magic drink can be answered with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can also get to know the history of Kombucha Brooklyn and the friendly faces behind the brand.

We also added the following extensions for performance and usability:

WebShopApps: Shipping Override. This extension allows Kombucha Brooklyn to override shipping settings on certain products. The company can choose to restrict shipping of products based on weight, destination, or customer group. Kombucha Brooklyn uses this extension to set special shipping standards for products that they are sending for free!

MageWorx: Instant Cart. Instant Cart is a powerful extension that enables a customer to add products to their cart without reloading the page itself. This makes for a much quicker and more convenient shopping experience. We added this extension to Kombucha Brooklyn’s website, configured it, and styled it to seamlessly integrated with their branding.

GoMage: Light Checkout – One Page Checkout. One page checkout puts all customer and shipping information on one page, making the ordering process extremely easy and convenient. Customers are able to quickly check out without needing to navigate through several pages of options.

Amasty: Multiple Coupons and Generate / Import Coupons. Since Kombucha Brooklyn uses a lot of coupons and special discount codes, we added this extension to make the process of importing coupons simple. They use this extension for their Groupon offers, for free SCOBY claims, and for regular discounts and coupons as well.

Fishpig: Magento WordPress Integration. Kombucha Brooklyn has a lot of great information about brewing and enjoying their product, so a WordPress blog was something they wanted to integrate into their Magento website. We used the Fishpig extension to add a WordPress blog, which uses the same theme as the Magento website.  Although it is powered by WordPress, it appears simply as another page on the existing Magento site – and uses the same URL, which is great for SEO purposes.

WebTex: Gift Cards. This extension allows customers to buy gift cards and conveniently send them to friends and family. Customers can enter the card recipients and decide when they will be delivered.

Mailchimp Integration. Mailchimp is a powerful program that allows users to send email blasts to large numbers of customers. Kombucha Brooklyn integrated a newsletter sign-up on their website, and then uses Mailchimp to easily design and write newsletters which they can send to hundreds of subscribers with the click of a mouse.

Review Notification from ET Xtensions. With this extension installed, Kombucha Brooklyn automatically receives an email every time a product review is placed on the website. They are instantly able to read the review and reply promptly or approve it to appear on the website. This extension is a customer service plus, as the reviewers won’t be left waiting long before their opinions are posted or responded to.