Primitives by Kathy by Shero


Responsive Design for Handmade Elegance

The Challenge

Mariposa is a B2B and B2C online store specializing in charming handmade gifts and tableware for entertainment and special occasions. It brings together gifted artisans from across the world to create personalized pieces, mostly made from recycled materials. With a personal flare, a global mindset and a positive ethos, Mariposa had many reasons to appeal to younger B2C shoppers–but unfortunately its website wasn’t one of them. Its outdated and visually lackluster design didn’t adapt well to mobile devices, making it a turnoff for busy shoppers. The dated website was more than just a user experience problem, it was a branding barrier as well. While dominating the B2B market and emphasizing excellent customer service, Mariposa was having difficulty really expressing the heart and soul of their product line to consumers. Why should a bride shop at Mariposa? What makes Mariposa unique in the gifts market? How can they stand apart in the B2C world with the newest generation of millennials?

The Solution

After a careful discovery process to get to know the company, our designers worked closely with the Mariposa team to redesign its website from the ground up. We worked through a wireframe process to help improve the user experience and identify key areas we could improve on:

  • Mobile experience was non-existent for B2C and B2B customers
  • Gifting experience was not highlighted, making it seem like an afterthought instead of being front and center
  • Emphasizing and improving the Personalization feature
  • Category page was making it hard to find products because the filtering options and the images where very small. We designed a new quick view and improved how the product was displayed.
  • Product page was not highlighting the product, making it easy to miss personalized products–a great feature for gift customers and an important upsell for Mariposa.
  • Landing pages needed some love to help represent the brand appropriately.

Before and After

Mobile Design Improvements

We started with a clean and minimalistic design that would scale seamlessly to any device size. Focusing on lifestyle, the design uses large, beautiful images to make an immediate emotional connection and a strong first impression for the visitor. A unique frontpage feature invites customers to explore the possibilities of creating personalized gifts for special occasions. Intuitive navigation, improved search, thoughtful filtering options carry the user through a pleasant and engaging shopping experience for everyone, complete with social sharing integration to help happy customers share their newest treasure.

Mobile Design

Improved Personalization Design

Shero’s new design places an emphasis on the B2C gifting experience. We focused the design on Mariposa’s exceptional qualities: engraving, gifting and telling the story of how Mariposa’s handmade products can make a gift-giving or entertaining experience truly unique. An important element of this process was educating customers to help them understand engraving and monograms. Before the redesign these services were causing a lot of confusion and customer service issues for Mariposa. The first thing we did was highlight “Personalization” products so that they are easy to find and positioning them front and center, since this is a unique way Mariposa stands out from their competition. Each product was labeled with its personalization options and we improved the user experience on the quick view and product page so that customers can more easily understand the personalization process.

Improved Gifting User Experience

Another feature we highlighted is the ability to add products to a gift registry or wishlist. This is important for brides-to-be or anyone looking for a gift. Mariposa wanted to make the gifting experience as easy as possible. A carefully designed landing page makes it easier for customers to get started with the improved gift registry. The use of lifestyle images helps provide inspiration to customers so that they can get excited and think of new ways to share in the Mariposa experience. This is done with beautiful specialized landing pages, the Instagram feed on the home page, and lifestyle images as part of the product gallery where possible.

Inspiring Customers & Highlighting Events with Improved Design

Other beautiful landing landing pages that help Mariposa get their loyal customers excited are for up-and-coming products. In addition, educating loyal customers about upcoming events was important to Mariposa, so we designed a custom page where they could highlight all their events.

Once we overcame these design challenges we handed off all our approved designs to WHEREOWARE, Mariposa’s Episerver developers to implement the designs. During this process we provided style guides and reviewed the site while it was in development to help the Mariposa’s new site become a reality.

For 30 years, Mariposa has been a purveyor of handmade beauty, and Shero has been happy to help ensure that their online shop design and user experience is just as carefully handcrafted as their products!