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NCMA at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences


NCMA at Bigelow Laboratory houses an extensive collection of algae, bacteria and viruses that they sell to scientists, schools and laboratories all over the world. They have thousands of products with unique specifications that need to be easily found by searching or browsing. They also have a range of clientele who all receive different pricing based on their customer type. NCMA also has unique products that sometimes require cryopreservations and can be toxic. For this reason, NCMA needed to set up alerts and notifications to ensure that their customers understand their purchases and how to choose alternative products if necessary. Besides selling products, NCMA releases information and updates on trade shows, publications, and news.


We worked hard to design and build a brand-new custom Magento website for NCMA at Bigelow. Besides redesigning and rebranding, we designed a new logo for NCMA. We created custom product pages, advanced searches, and informational pages to help guide users through the process of choosing the right products based on whatever specifications they were looking for including temperature, location, or genus/species. If a product is cryopreserved or otherwise calls for delayed shipping, visitors will be notified as soon as they visit the product. They are immediately given recommended alternative products if they feel that delayed shipping is not an option. We installed a blog so that NCMA can share the latest news in algae and science. We installed dozens of extensions and add-ons for complete control and customization.


Amasty advertising –Allows NCMA to sell text or image advertisements on their website, and also track how many times the advertisements have been viewed. View

Amasty extra checkout fields – This extension adds attribute fields to the checkout page to get more than the default information from all customers. View

Webtex Customer roles –This extension allows you to specify different product prices for every customer, as well as tier prices for products. View

AheadWorks blog integration –Integrates a blog into a Magento online store , allowing the company to provide updates and information. View

AheadWorks subscriptions/recurring payments –Creates subscription products (with flexible settings) and sells them on a recurring basis. View

Unirgy map –Helps customers locate stores, dealers, distributors, products or services. For NCMA, we allow users to view the world map to see the locations of available algae and bacteria. View

Vinagento customized forms – Super Forms is a Magento extension that allowed us to make forms that specifically served the purpose. View

Magento quick order –Using this ‘quick order form’ extension, customers are able to quickly search for and find products on your store without browsing through a hierarchy of categories. View

Manadev Seo Layered Navigation –Extends Layered Navigation with fast SEO friendly AJAX, Multiple Select, Checkboxes, SEO including paging and sorting, Price Slider, Show More / Show Less, Radio Buttons, Drop-Down lists. View

Amasty Single Checkout – Easy and rapid checkout process for Magento. View

Shipping override (Web Shop Apps) – Shipping Override is a powerful solution that enables NCMA to adapt your standard Magento shipping rates to meet their business needs. With Shipping Override NCMA can set special shipping charges for certain products, surcharge live shipping rates, or restrict shipping options based on destination, weight, product, cart subtotal or customer group. View

Fooman Surcharge –Pass on expensive payment provider fees to customers in an easy and transparent way, without increasing your product pricing. View