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Organic Pharmer


Organic Pharmer is a brand new health food shop located in Rye Brook, New York. They needed help building a well-branded website from start to finish. Our developers worked closely with the designers and partners at Organic Pharmer to create a beautiful and functional Magento website. This project was challenging because there was a large amount of customization required. We needed to completely re-vamp the Ultimo Theme to suit Organic Pharmer’s needs.


We built a brand-new responsive home page and new navigation for this website. We also built custom category landing pages and custom grid layouts that display different products at different sizes.


Organic Pharmer has a menu of food and juice products that need to be delivered soon after they are made. So their customers need to be able to schedule store pickup with a lead time. The store also offers the option of delivery within a local area. For this, the customers specify a time slot when they want products delivered. The MageWorld Advance Delivery Schedule extension enables that functionality and limits the number of deliveries available in a time slot.

For local delivery, we configured the Magento shipping rules for which products can be delivered in what area using spreadsheets. These are imported into Magento with the WebShopApps Shipping Override extension.

Organic Pharmer sells yearly memberships, which allows product discounts. They wanted to automatically renew memberships each year. This requires saving credit cards information in a PCI compliant manner, and it is accomplished using the Authorize.Net CIM API with tokenization. The Store Front Consulting (SFC) Subscribe Pro Magento extension and platform do a great job providing this and re-charging credit cards when a subscription needs to be renewed. They also enabled the site to give a special discount on membership within the first month of opening. Another extension available from SFC allows saved credit cards with CIM for general, non-subscription products.

The catalog structure of Organinc Pharmer products has an interesting twist. To highlight products in the category tree in the navigator, they have several categories with only one product in them. To avoid too many screens, the site goes directly to the one product without first displaying a list of category products. This is accomplished with a very simple free Magento extension, Tweakmag Product Redirector, which we modified slightly.

The admin portion of the Organic Pharmer site has a tool that makes the Magento products easier to search and edit. The Amasty Extended Product grid and editor allows you to choose which attributes appear as columns in the grid and to edit the values of those attributes in-line in product rows.