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Ronaldo Designer Jewelry


Ronaldo Designer Jewelry started out running a full Magento eCommerce business on version 1.4. They realized it was critical to upgrade their existing store to the latest 1.9 version, and wanted to eliminate some vulnerability issues. This upgrade was important to improve the back office user experience for the staff, as well as the frontend experience for the customer. For the backend, they wanted more robust reports, faster order processing, and a better integration with PayPal. Ronaldo was managing their landing pages as separate HTML pages instead of utilizing the Magento CMS. By putting together one system to manage everything, the overall view and feel of the website would be much cleaner. A unified system would also be far easier to manage in the backend.

On the frontend user experience, they wanted their new website to reflect the elegance of their jewelry in order to improve conversions. Ronaldo wanted to make it simple for shoppers to search for the products that fit their preferred materials/jewels and price range. They also wanted a special area on the home page where they could update slides and highlight unique categories.


For Ronaldo Designer Jewelry, we created a brand new responsive Magento website to showcase their handmade jewelry, utilizing the Ultimo theme with a Child theme configuration. The concept behind this minimalistic design was to display the jewelry in a clean and sophisticated manner. We designed a new home page complete with large image slider, featured products slider, and a special area to feature the most popular product categories. To improve conversions, we used the Mega-drop down option in the Ultimo theme to pull categories and CMS blocks to make it easier for customers to navigate. In addition, we installed and configured Awesome Checkout to provide a quick and smooth checkout experience. We styled Awesome checkout to match Ronaldo’s new branding.

To help with the back office issues that Ronaldo Designer Jewelry had been facing, we installed the Aheadworks Advanced Report extension, the Fooman Order Manager, and the Aheadworks Image Slider Extension. The reporting and order manager extension helped them create more advanced reports faster and process orders quickly in bulk. The Aheadworks Image Slider Extension was utilized to help create unique sliders for each landing page which is now being managed via the Magento CMS. This has allowed them to manage everything in one system: Magento.


Ultimo Theme – Customized Child Theme
Awesome Checkout
Aheadworks Advanced Reports Extension
Aheadworks Image Slider Extension
Fooman Order Manager Extension