Magento is a popular system with hundreds of tools for integrating other software into the eCommerce website. We find that many of our clients already have a POS system, ERP, an inventory management system, a CMS and/or an accounting tool that they want to keep. For example, Shero can handle any of these Magento integrations:

  • Magento + Counterpoint Integration
  • Magento + SAP integration
  • Magento + Dynamics integration
  • Magento + SAGE integration
  • Magento + Netsuite integrations
  • Magento + Epicor Integration


Most of the time, integrating these ERP’s with Magento is possible and we can connect them, sometimes seamlessly and sometimes via a simple export/import. We will research what type of integration is possible, make recommendations, implement the solution and provide easy-to-follow procedures for managing the data integration.

We are here to make your workflow efficient and save you money. Ask us about the Magento Integration you are looking for, and we’ll point you in the right direction.