10 Ways to Increase Magento Conversion Rates 

To maximize profits on your Magento eCommerce website, you need to increase Magento conversion rates. Compare the number of visits you get to the number…
  • Gentian Shero
  • Co-founder, CEO, & Marketing Consultant
  • February 13, 2013 Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Magento increase your conversion rates

To maximize profits on your Magento eCommerce website, you need to increase Magento conversion rates. Compare the number of visits you get to the number of sales. If you raised this ratio by even 5% or 10%, how much more revenue – and profit – would be make? What if you raised your Magento shopping cart conversion rate even more? Run the numbers , then review the tips below to help increase your Magento conversion rates.

Keep it simple!
Like many aspects of online communication, simplicity is key to grasping the attention of our ADHD, “right now” society. Clean up your site’s layout and make the shopping cart more noticeable to the average user. There should be a very easy-to-follow sales flow that funnels the site visitor towards the end goal of checking out.

Streamline the checkout process
Speed is key here. The default Magento checkout is 6 full steps which, to many users, may be simply too much of a time investment and thus thus result in an abandoned shopping cart. Magento supports various One-Step checkout extensions like OneStepCheckout and MageWorld’s One Step Checkout. After installing the One Page Check Out, another factor that can help increase your Magento Conversion Rate is to add a sort of guarantee. This can be done in two ways. The first option is to place a guarantee seal or image. Second option is to state the guarantee with words in a few sentences. Both these steps ensure the buyer one more time that yes it is safe to order through this website.

Safety first!
While speed may be the second-most-important aspect, safety is and always will be number one. Customers need to feel that their money is protected. An eCommerce website needs to convey trust. That means that the website’s layout must be clean and well organized. It is a common practice for a physical address and a contact phone number to be placed on the footer for visitors to see at all times. Invest in a service like secured socket layer (SSL) to encrypt their valuable financial data and make sure to display up front that this safety measure is being taken.

Proofread everything
One of the fastest ways for a Magento eCommerce website to lose credibility is when users can easily find spelling or grammatical errors. Improve and focus the content of the website (which may include text, pictures and video) to target conversion rates. Everyone hopes to have their money handled by a competent and intelligent person. Your website represents you, so make sure to come across as professional and responsible by fixing little mistakes.

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Take phone calls
Have an easy-to-find contact page that includes your phone number. Customers are always going to have issues with something so letting them know that you are accessible and willing to help resolve problems goes a long way towards building consumer trust. When the phone rings, make sure it gets answered.
Study the funnel. Where are there significant drop offs in traffic flow? Once these are located, shift focus to page design and ease-of-use for the average user. Is there a glitch or broken link that is creating a wall for consumers?

Know your target market
Do you carry a specialized product? What sort of demographics are likely to purchase your service? Tailor the rest of your site to suit the customer’s needs. Even take into account factors like technological competence. Are you selling to the younger crowd? Make everything sleek, efficient and straightforward. Do you sell a product for the elderly? Big, easy-to-read text and clean traffic flow become paramount.

Invest in quality graphics and product photography
It is Marketing 101 that you see every day in food ads. If you have had a burger from Burger King, you know it definitely did not glisten or sparkle the way it did on television. But darn-it if it wasn’t just shiny enough on the tube to make you want to try it again. People are visual and will base part of their buying decision on your product pictures. The better things look, the more likely they are to be purchased.

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Invest in a great server
Nothing kills a business like lack of access. Imagine for a minute if Wal-Mart’s doors locked randomly for 10-20 minutes a day. Denying visitors the chance to even become potential customers will decrease overall growth. Make sure your server provider is secure, reliable and easy to contact in case of emergency.

Let your products and customers work for you
Allow customers to review and post feedback on your services. The absolute best recommendation a business can get is word-of-mouth. Comment, rating or feedback sections allows for this similar word-of-mouth marketing to take place online with thousands of other like-minded people.

If you think that I have forgotten something, you’re welcome to comment below. Although this article is titled “10 Ways to Increase Magento Conversion Rates” it may as well apply to any other eCommerce website, platform, or solution.






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