Essential Magento and eCommerce Resources

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We are constantly finding new ways to ensure that our clients develop and grow the best Magento stores possible. We subsequently have an arsenal of resources that we use to design, develop, and analyze eCommerce stores. We’ve complied a list of our go-to resources to share with clients, fellow Magento developers, and anyone interested in opening a Magento store. Please leave a comment if you’d like to suggest a helpful resource.

Design Decide what you like and what you don’t like in terms of design, which includes color, typography, layout, and imagery. The following are our favorite resources for inspirational and cutting-edge design.

Webbies – A collection of the best trendsetting websites in the world. A great source of inspiration.
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Awwwards – Similar to the webbies, gives awards to the best websites for your inspiration.
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Vandelay Design – Design blog that offers a great selection of today’s top websites to analyze trends and industry standards.
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Agile Designers – A compendium of design resources ranging from icons to templates to wire-frames.
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Tuts+ – Over 500 video tutorials to choose from. All ranging from design and illustration to code.
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Prototyping Once you establish a branding and design strategy, map out your new store with prototyping tools that simulate User Experience and allow you to understand exactly how shoppers will experience your store.

Invisionapp -Showcase interactive and clickable wireframes and designs to plan out design and User Experience with collaboration from an entire team of users.
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UXPin – A prototyping tool which allows designers to create clickable wireframes which lets the user interact while providing feedback.
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Solidify – Solidify allows designers to create clickable prototypes for clients. Designers can also arrange user testing which collects data on how users interact with your wireframes.
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Marketing Find and attract target shoppers with marketing methods through e-mail, social media, and omni-channel marketing.

Mailchimp – Easily create mailing lists by manually adding members or through embedded sign-up forms. Create and send e-mail blasts with pre-built or custom made HTML email templates.
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Constant Contact – Create e-mail and social campaigns to market your business. Send e-mail blasts using pre-built or custom made templates.
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Goodbits – Build newsletters with content curated from browser extensions. Pre-built templates allow newsletters to be finalized and sent out quickly.
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Springbot – Springbot integrates and makes simple the data, content and multi-channel marketing tools (social, online, email, etc.) eCommerce stores need to drive more traffic, conversions and overall revenue.
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Windsor Circle – A platform which collects real-time data from email marketing campaigns. Their software improves revenue and increases sales.
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SEO Sound SEO helps attract interested shoppers who find your store organically because they are searching for you.

Yoast – “The definitive guide” to Magento SEO. Offers excellent advice in an easy-to-understand tutorial. An absolute must-read.
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Mageworx SEO Suite Ultimate – SEO Suite Ultimate embracing the best SEO practices and brings Magento SEO to a completely new level.
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SEO Site Checkup – Run your site through the checkup for simple diagnosis and tips on how to improve SEO.
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Track and Analyze Performance Use these tools to understand how your Magento store is performing. Magento speed and performance directly affect your conversion rate.

Page Speed Insights – Created by Google, analyzes the performance of your web pages and provides suggestions to make them faster.
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Responsinator – Preview your site on responsive devices. Responsinator is good for previewing, but for interacting we recommend Chrome’s Developer tools.
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– Write multiple posts at the same time and choose which social media accounts you want to post on. Posts can be planned ahead and Buffer will post throughout the day so you don’t have to.

– Track what’s trending and find out how much activity is being tracked real-time. See which users are the most influential to your brand.

– Klout lets the user see how they are making an impact on social media by providing a Klout Score. A Klout Score can be measured by how many likes, retweets, and shares you receive.

– Manage all social networks, schedule future posts while keeping track of social media analytics reports.

– Free software that allows users to read their favorite blogs, magazines, and newspapers all in one place.

Images Find and use eye-catching image to create a professional look. Ensure that your product images represent your brand and show customers exactly what they are buying.

Fotolia – Wide selection of high-quality, reasonably priced royalty-free stock images. Library also includes vectors, videos, and illustrations.
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Gimp – Free image editing software that allows you to retouch and manipulate images. Alternative to Adobe Photoshop.
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Picmonkey – Website with built-in software that allows you to edit images within your browser. Quick and easy tool for fast editing.
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Remove The Background – Image editing service which optimizes product images for eCommerce stores by simply removing the background for you.
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The Noun Project – Library of thousands of unique icons available to use on any website. Must pay for unlimited royalty-free icons.
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Data and Case Studies There is a lot of data out there about eCommerce, but we have found the following studies exceptionally helpful when it comes to developing User Experience Strategy.

eBay – Multi-Device Ownership – Implications for Retailers and Consumers.
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Nielsen – eCommerce: Evolution or Revolution in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods World?
Learn more »

UPS – 2014 Pulse of the Online Shopper.
Learn more »

Digital Training Academy – A great collection of case eCommerce case studies covering everything from Snapchat marketing to data analysis.
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Do you know any other resources that may be helpful to fellow Magento developers, Magento storeowners, or anyone in the process of opening a Magento store? Please comment below with all of your favorite tips and tricks for creating and maintaining the best Magento store possible.

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  • Hello Jill, Its really nice to see all the informative and helpful resources in one place. You have done a great job indeed. But I guess you have forgot to add another great site in your Image section, its called Clipping Path India ( ). They are well reputed in removing background from any image as well.

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  • HeadlessRider

    Awwwards and UXPin are my top favorite sites for design inspiration and tutorials, but they are not Magento specific. For Magento specific resources, my top favorites are StackExchange, Magento subreddit, Inchoo and Magenticians blogs. You can find great tutorials and tips and tricks for Magento there.

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