How Magento Store Owners Earn Their Customers’ Trust

One of the most important factors that determines the success of an online eCommerce store is how credible a website is and how to convert…
  • Caitlin Mekita
  • Customer Success Manager
  • October 23, 2013 Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

One of the most important factors that determines the success of an online eCommerce store is how credible a website is and how to convert visitors into buyers. Since our area of specialization is Magento this article refers to Magento website credibility builders to boost sales. These principles can also be applied to other eCommerce platforms. The bottom line is that no one is going to place an order and enter private shipping and billing information if they do not trust a website. Therefore, it is important to ensure your customers that you are real, that your company is legitimate, and that they are going to be happy with the product they purchase from you. Below are the some elementary credibility builders that each Magento website must have.

1. Secure your website

Anyone who purchases your product online is transferring very valuable information to you because they trust that you will not allow this information to get into the wrong hands. Your Magento website should be secured with an SSL certificate, which will encrypt your customers’ most sensitive information. Make sure you add an SSL badge or otherwise notify customers that they can be sure their information is safe.

2. Offer a guarantee

Offer a satisfaction guarantee and allow easy returns. Give visitors easy access to your shipping and return policy pages with links for them in the website’s footer. Let them know that if they are not satisfied with their order, they will be able to get their money back and that assistance is available to help in the process if necessary. If you can and if you offer free shipping, it is a good idea to offer free and easy returns as well. This lets your customers know that they will not feel cheated in case of an error or if they aren’t 100% satisfied with their product.

3. Make yourself accessible

Make sure that your customers know exactly how to reach you and when they can do so. If you are going to make the commitment of selling your goods or services online, you must be able to cater to your customers’ needs and questions. Many Magento store owners choose to implement a live chat so that anyone looking for answers can talk to someone online immediately without having to pick up the phone.  Consider your customer base and the way that they might feel comfortable communicating with you. While a younger more tech-savvy crowd might prefer a live chat, older customers might like the option of calling or even ordering from you over the phone.

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4. Introduce yourself

Most Magento websites have an “about us” page, but few go beyond just a couple lines of information. Allowing your customers to get to know you is really important when it comes to building trust. Seeing a picture of you, your office and/or store can restore their faith that they are in fact purchasing an item from a trustworthy seller. The ‘about us’ page can benefit both large, extensive companies and smaller family owned stores. If you own a large company, take the opportunity to explain how you got started, why your company grew, and the ways you’ve benefited the community by hiring new employees and updating your methods. If you are small, show your visitors that your business is run by a family, that they will be able to reach you directly in the case of a problem, and that you truly value each and every customer.

5. Enable reviews

Your shoppers know that you probably love the products you’re selling, but how do other customers feel about them? Enabling reviews will show your visitors that you have pride in your products and that you trust that everyone will be satisfied when they receive it. Remember that with a Magento website you will be able to review and approve each review before it’s submitted. You can use this opportunity to correct spelling errors and weed out occasional spam or posts that are clearly not serious. Make sure, however that you are fair about publishing reviews, as even negative ones are helpful to your customers and can help them choose the products that are right for them. Personally, when I buy clothes online, I only use websites that enable trustworthy customer reviews. I am tall, so I like to read honest opinions about the way certain clothing fits. Even if I decide something isn’t right for me, I will most likely go back and purchase from the same store because I know I will get honest opinions in the comment section.

6. Engage with your customers

Building trust isn’t about just acting like you have great customer service, its about actually committing to it. If you have a phone number, make sure there is always someone there to answer it during regular business hours. If you provide an email address, be sure that it is checked throughout the day for inquiries. If your website links to and encourages people to follow you on social media, keep your social media constantly updated. If you are posting on social media, ask questions, provide incentives, and reply to your customers who try and engage with you. Social media is a great way to ensure your customers that you are real, available, and have a sense of humor too!

Earning trust is key to converting shoppers into buyers. If you follow these easy steps and put in a little extra effort to make sure your visitors are comfortable and happy, you will have a stronger business reputation and be able to sell more online.

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