Magento Extensions- The Six Best Companies in the Market in 2013

The landscape of Magento add-ons is rich with offerings of extensions, promising to add a multitude of features to Magento. All of the larger companies…
  • Gentian Shero
  • Co-founder, CEO, & Marketing Consultant
  • May 3, 2013 Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

The landscape of Magento add-ons is rich with offerings of extensions, promising to add a multitude of features to Magento. All of the larger companies providing Magento extensions offer a wide range of solutions, but yet each of them has their area of Magento extension specialization so it is very difficult to tell which one is the best. Over time at Shero Designs, we have evaluated and worked with many companies that offer Magento extensions.  The six companies we like the best are aheadWorks, MageWorx, Webtex Software, Amasty and GoMage, and WebShoppApps.

AheadWorks –

AheadWorks is supposed to be one of the best extension companies. They offer a very wide range of extensions  that are far superior to others. The aheadWorks extensions website  is organized neatly into categories like customer care, user experience, sales motivation, and so on, which can be helpful when you are looking for a solution in a particular area. Their customer care and support category is particularly rich with solutions, including a help desk solution and a “customer’s questions” extension that did not have an equivalent in other companies’ sites. aheadWorks products are mostly priced in the $100-200 range. Location : Unknown

MageWorx –

MageWorx offers a large number of extensions generally priced under $100 with some in the $100-200 range. They are a very reliable company who provides excellent customer support and usually take care of a problem almost instantly, or the same day. They offer an extensive set of  Magento SEO products, including their comprehensive SEO Suite extension, priced around $400. Their MageBox Gallery is a feature-rich replacement for the standard Magento gallery. Location: Canada


WebTex offers a limited range of reasonably priced extensions, including several targeted at gift registry and gift cards, which is an area that gets less attention from other companies. They are very informative and helpful when it comes customization of an extension. Whenever we communicate with Webtex, the tech support person whom we’ve gotten to know very well (Alex) is very responsive and eager to help out.  Webtex’s unique solutions have received very positive reviews. Location: Minnesota 

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Amasty features a large and diverse range of extensions, including 20 on catalog management alone. Their prices are on the lower end but they offer good solutions. The same as WebTex, their Magento extensions are very unique and reasonably priced. Almost all their products are priced below $100. Location: Belarus


GoMage has a limited number of offerings, of which three stand out – their single-step checkout extension has been well-received by customers, as have their advanced navigation and feed enhancement extensions.  Of the best three GoMage extensions, the most awesome one, which we have used over and over on different projects is the One-Page-Checkout. Unlike some of the above companies that offer a wide variety of  products, GoMAge’s products are limited but very high quality. Location: Poland


For those of you that have complex shipping needs with your Magento store, WebShoppApps is the one and only way to go. All they do is Magento shipping extensions and they can configure and tailor an extension to your individual needs or type of business. Therefore,  WebShoppApps is one of our favorite vendors when we are in need for a Magento shipping extension.  They are expensive but worth every dollar. Location: England

It’s probably safe to say that there is a Magento extension to address practically any e-commerce problem. If you are persistent and focused in your hunt for the perfect solution, chances are you will find it.

The reason why we highly recommend these companies is because we have worked with them on multiple occasions and are more than happy with their work, communication and customer support. Unlike some other Magento extension companies who are impossible to get a hold of and usually don’t provide even a phone number on their websites, the six Magento extension companies above guaranteed will make you happy.

Last, if you need help with configuring or choosing a Magento extension don’t hesitate to email or call Shero Designs. Location: Wappingers Falls, NY 🙂



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