How to Write Magento Product Descriptions That Sell

While browsing products on your Magento store, customers are unable to shop in a traditional sense where they have the option of not only seeing…
  • Caitlin Mekita
  • Customer Success Manager
  • January 8, 2015 Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

While browsing products on your Magento store, customers are unable to shop in a traditional sense where they have the option of not only seeing your product, but touching it, hearing it, or trying it on. Although you cannot exactly simulate an in-store shopping experience, you can help make your shoppers feel more confident by providing the information that they can’t get achieve through images only. Below you will find six ideas for Magento product descriptions that will help you increase conversions.

1. Use Media

Audio and video files are an excellent addition to and product page. If you are selling clothing or shoes, videos are a great way for shoppers to get a better idea of the way the garment looks and moves on a model, as opposed to a touched-up still image. Zappos and Everlane are two retailers who make great use of videos to show more about their products.


Our client Madame Alexander, a doll company, has some dolls that produce sound. We included audio files on these products to allow shoppers to hear the way the baby doll will sound when it begins to laugh. This allows shoppers to achieve a more complete understanding of the product, and more likely to purchase it.


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If you are offering larger products, it’s also a good idea to show visitors the size and scope with an informative video. Our client Eastern Jungle Gym sells large jungle gyms for back yards. They wanted to include a video to show the size and details that they couldn’t show through images, so we created a custom video attribute where they could simply embed YouTube videos for their products.


2. Showcase Unique Attributes and Specifications

Your eCommerce store should highlight the unique aspects of your products that make them stand out from the crowd. Magento’s attributes are extremely flexible, and you should provide all of the information needed for your product’s unique attributes. Our client Organic Pharmer does an excellent job of providing nutritional information for their juice drinks and cleanses. We helped Organic Pharmer set up an area on their product page that would display a chart containing information about calories and other specifications.


Another client of ours, NCMA, is a retailer of viruses, bacteria, algae, and other materials for scientists. NCMA’s shoppers are looking for products that need to match exact specifications. We built a custom chart on NCMA’s product page to make the specifications easy to find and.


3. Utilize Color Swatches

With the newest version of Magento,  color swatch functionality is included in the default theme. This make it really easy to configure product swatches for all of the colors that you offer. If you’re not sure how to set up color swatches on your products, we have a great tutorial that will walk you through the process.


4. Display Location

Sometimes the location a product exists or was acquired is important to shoppers. If so, you should display product location on the product page, or use that information to allow shoppers to search by location. There are different ways to display location information, by a map or a chart. Choose the method that would best communicate the information to your customers.

On NCMA’s website – it was important for scientists to know where their algae was collected. We set up a new page to allow searching by location. We also set up an additional tab on product pages that contained an interactive map that showed the exact location where each product was collected. NCMA can be assured that the collection location on each product is clear on every product.


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5. Include Size Charts

As I mentioned before, Shoppers cannot try on your products like the might do in store. Because sizes are often untrustworthy, it’s a good idea to include a size chart that shows exactly how your product is designed to fit. If you offer more than one brand of product, you can apply a unique size chart to each product, as part of the product page design, or as a link to a size chart that you’ve uploaded.


6. Show Availability

Custom stock options are a good way to prevent frustration in customers by showing them exactly when a product is getting low in stock or ready to ship. With certain Magento Extensions, like Amasty’s Custom Stock Status, shoppers can be informed of stock status with an unlimited number of messages.


You can also apply different stock statuses to different configurable options. For example, if you’re selling a pair of boots and the black boots are sold out, instead of hiding the boots, you could show customers that you usually sell black boots, but they are temporarily sold out. It’s even possible to add a unique message like “on order! coming back soon!”. On the same note, products can have low stock alerts that create a sense of urgency to shoppers. Something like “Hurry up! Only 2 more left in stock!” Can tell shoppers that if they don’t act fast, they might lose the sale.


The information on the product page is the most important information that your shoppers will see. Because they are unable to touch, try on, and hear your product in person, shoppers will need to get this information by other means. It’s your responsibility to leave your shoppers confident that they completely understand the product they are considering for purchase. Media, videos, size charts, location maps, and color swatches are all an excellent method for achieving this trust.

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