NCR CounterPoint Point of Sale is a specialty retail management system used by online and brick-and-mortar merchants to streamline their back and front offices. CounterPoint is a powerful tool for managing products, inventory, and customers.

At Shero, we have worked with multiple large and small retailers who use Counterpoint to integrate their CounterPoint POS with their Magento stores using the Red Rook Commerce5 solution. Through this integration, all product data is regularly synced with CounterPoint, so inventory and stock levels are always accurate. Almost immediately on order success, orders are automatically imported into CounterPoint, and all affiliated customer information is updated.

CounterPoint POS is a popular solution for many industries including health and wellness, beauty, museums and non-profits, wholesalers, food/grocery stores, and much more. Integrating a Magento store with CounterPoint POS provides merchants with one centralized order management solution, and ensures that all of your product, customer, and order data is never out of sync.


Counterpoint – Magento Website Integration by Shero

  • We are a Magento Professional Solutions Partner, which means you get access to the latest information that we receive directly from Magento, and we have experience integrating Magento with CounterPoint POS.
  • Our team includes Magento Certified Developers, Solution Specialists, and eCommerce consultants who have experience with B2B and B2C.
  • We have over 6 years experience working with Magento, one of the best open source eCommerce platforms that provide high flexibility and scalability, and CounterPoint.

If you need help integrating your Magento website with NCR’s CounterPoint, or if you are already using Counterpoint and are looking to build a Magento website,  please fill the contact us form and we’ll reach out to discuss your project’s details

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