Beauty Plus Salon

Beauty Plus Salon
  • Design
  • Development
  • Integration
  • Revenue 26%
  • Transactions 34%

Beauty Plus Salon is a professional salon and beauty retailer chain located in malls and shopping centers across the East Coast. They offer a vast selection of cosmetic merchandise including: products for hair and skin care, nail polishes, select appliances, and a variety of treatment options for everything in between. When Beauty Plus first decided to expand its brick-and-mortar success into online sales, Shero was there to create an eCommerce shopping experience that would allow the regional chain to compete effectively against multinational competitors by leveraging its recognizable brand with ease of use and unmatched customer service. Special features include subscription purchases that allow customers to automatically reorder frequently used products like shampoo and makeup at timed intervals. Customer loyalty is further encouraged with discount points earned by purchasing products or sharing them on social media.

With Shero’s help, Beauty Plus Salon made a highly successful splash into the world of eCommerce. But it didn’t stop there. As part of Shero’s ongoing support, we identified areas of possible improvement and developed a plan to keep Beauty Plus on the cutting edge with a migration to Magento’s revolutionary cloud platform.

The Challenge

After its initial launch in 2016, Beauty Plus and Shero identified several key opportunities for growth:


  1. Future-proofing the store with a migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  2. Modernizing the look with updated branding and more customer-centric features
  3. Focusing on the growing market of mobile customers
  4. Streamlining site speed with next-generation optimization

In addition to an expertly crafted responsive design to manage the store’s vast catalogue of products, the website needed to be integrated with a variety of third-party services to facilitate everything from shipping to POS sales, site search to marketing.

The Solution

For a company with Beauty Plus Salon’s robust eCommerce requirements and high capacity for growth, the logical choice was Magento Enterprise Cloud, the powerful SaaS platform by Magento that offers unparalleled support and flexibility.

A highly customized responsive design is combined with Magento Cloud’s powerful marketing features like content staging, allowing administrators to test, preview and time the release of marketing content and sales campaigns. This is integrated with services like Nosto and Dotmailer to create a comprehensive customer loyalty program.

In the backend, multiple staging environments were used to test each feature prior to deployment, with intensive real-time monitoring and performance profiling using New Relic and BlackFire. Response time is further streamlined with full optimization, using Fastly CDN to deliver content to all customers at blazing speed regardless of location.

The result is a beautifully responsive beauty supply superstore, perfectly poised to facilitate growth both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. With a 26% in revenue, a 35% increase in conversions and a 34% increase in transactions, the results speak for themselves. At Beauty Plus Salon, “We Know Beauty.” And at Shero, we know eCommerce.

Notable Integrations

  • Counterpoint POS to fulfill orders from multiple locations. The website communicates with the POS and the inventory from 13 stores is synced with the website every 5 minutes.
  • Dotmailer for personalized email marketing
  • Nosto for personalized recommendations and social media integration
  • ShipperHQ for shipping rates
  • ShipStation for order fulfillment
  • Klevu for intelligent site search